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Girls Ages 5-18 Talk About Hair and Self Esteem | Allure

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Girls Ages 5-18 Talk About Hair and Self Esteem Girls Ages 5-18 Talk About Hair and Self Esteem
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Girls Ages 5-18 Talk About Hair and Self Esteem Girls Ages 5-18 Talk About Hair and Self Esteem
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Elementary schoolers
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
I think that peoplehave curly hair, kind of want straight hair and people who have straight hair.
2. Fill the gap.
It's, like right in front of your face, like it's, kind of like, if I can't,them, they can't.
3. Fill the gap.
I love my hair, but sometimes I wonder, straight unit, I, like shred.
4. Fill the gap.
I don't knowI know of a lot of people who straighten their hair every day and I think that's,
5. Fill the gap.
Istraighten my hair sometimes,
6. Fill the gap.
Yeah, there's, nottype of hair, that's like beautiful to have beautiful hair.
7. Fill the gap.
and just like try to take care of it really well, like not play with my split ends, even though it's like really tough,it.
8. Fill the gap.
So itup pretty I like to like moisturize the front of my hair.
9. Fill the gap.
So here looks likeI like putting my hair and like ponytails because I like the way like it hangs and flows on its own,
10. Fill the gap.
But like you kind of youto like it.
11. Fill the gap.
i mirror myself as my hair Emily because I didlife I,
12. Fill the gap.
're, progressing we're more natural hair is embraced.
13. Fill the gap.
And for our yearbook, someone with someone who never used a heatingon her hair in her life won best best hair.
14. Fill the gap.
Doesn't reallya big difference on your hair.
15. Fill the gap.
It's still theas I was growing up I learned to love my hair,
16. Fill the gap.
They aren't as demonstrate it in like eyes and, I straight hair, or like blonde hair.
17. Fill the gap.
And like brown hair are more popularlike black and that's,
18. Fill the gap.
See like someone like me, sometimes I wonder, if like I'm,enough, you know, a lot of the youtubers that I follow.
19. Fill the gap.
… they don't reallyWho,
20. Fill the gap.
If you feel likehair, if it's who you are, then we're purple hair.
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