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Months origin

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Fill in the missing words according to what you've just heard. You can replay the episode.
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Explanation of months origin, how the months got their names, according to historical events
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Months origin
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2 minutes 18 seconds
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Short films
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Vocabulary practice
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High schoolers
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
Empire January was after Janus, the god ofand endings.
2. Fill the gap.
and february was after februa, a purification festival that happened at thatof year.
3. Fill the gap.
Now, both of those months wereeditions as the original Roman calendar, only had ten months.
4. Fill the gap.
And at the end of every year, there was a 50 or so day period with days that didn'tinto any month.
5. Fill the gap.
And then when the moonright,
6. Fill the gap.
… the next threes origins are so, even the Romans debated, where they came from April might be named after Aphrodite.
7. Fill the gap.
The goddess of loveafter Maya,
8. Fill the gap.
Now, he wasn't the one whoin January and February.
9. Fill the gap.
no Julius is.
10. Fill the gap.
Contribution was changing the calendar from 355 days with an occasionalto keep it in sync with the seasons to 365 days …
11. Fill the gap.
is a much better system.
12. Fill the gap.
He possibly got the idea for a 365 day calendar from the Egyptians who hadusing one for at least 3,
13. Fill the gap.
And August is named after Julia's successor Augustus who decided he deserved a month named after him.
14. Fill the gap.
But none of those namesnow, September through December are the number months, except I.
15. Fill the gap.
Octo8 novum, 9, duhkham 10, but why not label them?
16. Fill the gap.
Themonth tenth month 11th, month 12th month, because as I mentioned earlier, the months used to begin with March.
17. Fill the gap.
So originally those labels were.
18. Fill the gap.
And we haven't changed the system in twoyears, because you get used to it.
19. Fill the gap.
So in summary, it's named after five roman.
20. Fill the gap.
… two Roman leaders and four number names that don'tcorrespond to the months they're in it's, a good system.
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