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Agile Project Management Explained (With Burgers!)

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Listen to the video first without quiz. Then, listen again and complete.
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Listen to the explanation about Agile framework
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4 minutes 26 seconds
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Lectures (e.g. TED talks)
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Vocabulary practice
Listening comprehension
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Business/professional students
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Published 18/03/2023
Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
so you're a project,
2. Fill the gap.
… a term that's thrownall the time in the world of project management, regardless of how many years you've been at the job.
3. Fill the gap.
Youstill be wondering,
4. Fill the gap.
agile projects are characterizeda series of tasks that are conceived executed and adapted as a situation demands,
5. Fill the gap.
Let's, take a look at an example, a chefto make the world's best agile burger.
6. Fill the gap.
They know the only way of making that burger is to get insights fromon what that burger should be the requirements are …
7. Fill the gap.
So the chef and their team collaborate together to make theburger.
8. Fill the gap.
So as a way of testing and learning the chef shares it with a,
9. Fill the gap.
This is theiteration of the product, the customer gives it a six out.
10. Fill the gap.
, so the chef is delivered more value than the last time, but they need to keep iterating.
11. Fill the gap.
The chefto create iterations of the burger testing with customers learning from them,
12. Fill the gap.
Over more iterations, cheese,and pickles are added to iterate on the burger and customer satisfaction goes up with it.
13. Choose the correct options.
Management process is ____ much like the chef.
14. Fill the gap.
it requires project teams tothrough a process of planning,
15. Fill the gap.
And once that period of timeto an end,
16. Fill the gap.
Agile methodologies are great to use inenvironments where there's potential for changing or evolving requirements,
17. Fill the gap.
At theof the project,
18. Fill the gap.
Let us know in thedown below.
19. Choose the correct options.
oh, that was ____ .
20. Fill the gap.
A Julyemphasizes sad.
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