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The story of William Shakespeare

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Task Description
Students have to listen and complete blanks with vocabulary words from the video.
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Shakespeare - how did this guy stamp his mark on the whole world? How did it all begin? What kind of times did he live in? Take a quick look at our colourful biography about this great playwright and find out all about him...
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8 minutes 13 seconds
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Cartoons for kids & kids' videos
Language goals
Vocabulary practice
The above lesson is a great teaching resource for:Upper-intermediate (B2)
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This resource is intended for:High schoolers
High schoolers
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This resource does not contain any images, words or ideas that would upset a reasonable person in any culture.
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This resource is licensed by romanholli under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
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Video quiz questions (printable)
1. Fill the gap.
His plays are still beingin theatres and studied at schools across the globe even today 400 years after he died!
2. Fill the gap.
My poor old parents had two little girls before me but they died ofwhen they were babies.
3. Fill the gap.
He's aglove - maker - everyone wears them round here - and he spends all day stitching leather into gloves,
4. Fill the gap.
… but my father was an important man around town and that meant that I was able to go to thegrammar school and learn how to …
5. Fill the gap.
I had tons of inks andof sharp quill pens.
6. Fill the gap.
Parchment was made from dried animal- without the fur!
7. Fill the gap.
It waswork but, if you practice, you get good at it.
8. Fill the gap.
I had so many ideasout of my head I just had to write them all down.
9. Fill the gap.
Soon I organized a bunch of actors tomy plays.
10. Fill the gap.
… place on the stage girls weren'tto be actors so all the girl parts had to be played by boys!
11. Fill the gap.
When a performance was on, there was aflying on the roof.
12. Fill the gap.
Richer people could sit in comfy seats in theand get a good view.
13. Fill the gap.
… disasterwhen a plague which we called The Black Death broke out in London and the theater had to be closed.
14. Fill the gap.
Animals are, dead people are covered in horrible sores and boils and everyone is trying to save themselves.
15. Fill the gap.
… the dashing sailor Francis Drake had sailed all around the world and thenoff the enemy in the Spanish Armada.
16. Fill the gap.
In myI wrote 10 plays about great kings which are known as the history plays.
17. Fill the gap.
I also wrote 18 funny plays called,
18. Fill the gap.
7 years later aof his actor friends collected together all his plays into a book which we know as The First Folio.
19. Fill the gap.
… if you've heard about somebody who's got a " heart of" or used the expression " love is".
20. Fill the gap.
Inside each one you'll find people with,problems and hopes that everyone can understand today.
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