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  • Complex Object - ESL worksheets
    Complex Object
    By KarimovaSuzan
    You guys, I hope you like it. In here exsist 2 exercise about complex object. This is for beginner, elementary, pre-intermeditate level. ...
  • songs of freedom by santana - ESL worksheets
    songs of freedom by santana
    By nazdak
    a song worksheet with three stages:a warming up stage is a hidden word from a word puzzle search to write its definition the study phas...
  • Classroom language for kids - ESL worksheets
    Classroom language for kids
    By grettaster
    This worksheet was created for Teachers who have Portuguese speakers, specially children (5 years old - 11 years old). The vocabulary is ...
  • Gang Of Youths - Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane - ESL worksheets
    Gang Of Youths - Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane
    By TeacherDianaRenke
    Part 1: CLOZE Exercise - a simple gap fill exercise where students fill in the infinitive verbs (V1) from the list. Part 2: Irregular Ve...
  • Use it in a sentence! - ESL worksheets
    Use it in a sentence!
    By PatricijaSobak
    8 cards (compiled for an oral exam) with words and expressions the students have to use in their own sentences. The catch is that the car...
  • Verb types - ESL worksheets
    Verb types
    By l542912
    This shows what different types of verbs there are, and gives examples of this types of verbs. It includes: Base verbs/Bare verbs, Past S...
  • The Alphabet with Upper and Lower Case - ESL worksheets
    The Alphabet with Upper and Lower Case
    By chloetagus
    Writing, pronunciation and oral exercise to learn the English alphabet, as well as Upper and Lower case. Pronunciation as it would soun...
  • Surprise party conversation - ESL worksheets
    Surprise party conversation
    By sarahd9556
    This is a dictation worksheet that goes along with the logic puzzle. Students can listen to the conversation about an invitation to a sur...
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