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  • Can, could, be able to - ESL worksheets
    Can, could, be able to
    By abula
    It is a worksheet about can, could and be able to. Students have to fill in the gaps in the first and second exercises and then, in the t...
  • Modal Verbs + KEY - ESL worksheets
    Modal Verbs + KEY
    By kifissia
    4 different exercises to test a student's understanding of the basic modal verbs- at an intermediate level. Included is an exercise where...
  • World Water Day - ESL worksheets
    World Water Day
    By dogafeltham
    This is a reading about World Water Day suitable for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate students. It consists; 1. Warm up questions 2. Prepa...
  • Expressing ability - capability - ESL worksheets
    Expressing ability - capability
    By lesleymisano
    Using can, could, be able to, manage to to express ability/capability. I have also uploaded a power point on this subject. This mind m...
  • Awesome E-Resources Database 2.1 - ESL worksheets
    Awesome E-Resources Database 2.1
    By TeacherDianaRenke
    This is a collection of awesome resources I've used over the years. Please be sure to pay it forward and let me know if there are any oth...
  • Page 1 - MODALS - semi-modals - mind map - ESL worksheets
    Page 1 - MODALS - semi-modals - mind map
    By lesleymisano
    modal verbs put into association and usage context. Page 2 with the remaining modals is easier to find if you 'click' lesleymisano - and...
  • be able to - ESL worksheets
    be able to
    By indispensable
    a test about be able to
  • Conversation Drill Cards - Situations - ESL worksheets
    Conversation Drill Cards - Situations
    By TeacherLuris
    These cards will provide the students to practice PERMISSION/OBLIGATION/PROHIBITION. The teacher gives each ss a card with the role play...
  •  Speaking Cards: NBA Modal Verbs  - ESL worksheets
    Speaking Cards: NBA Modal Verbs
    By kifissia
    Cards for the main forms of modals. There are hints for usage and an NBA theme. Students are to make up their own sentences using the dif...
  • CAN, COULD & BE ABLE TO Ability & Possibility - ESL worksheets
    CAN, COULD & BE ABLE TO Ability & Possibility
    By barbarai
    There is an explanation followed by a fill in exercise and the key. I created this worksheet for my intermediate students, but it can be ...
  • Complete with the proper Modal Verb - ESL worksheets
    Complete with the proper Modal Verb
    By chinho
    Activity with the most used Modal Verbs. I kinda contextualized the sentence in order to force them to use the proper modal and understan...
  • Four martial arts - ESL worksheets
    Four martial arts
    By RoyWang
    Martial arts are always attractive in the eyes of students an i hope this worksheet can pique students' learning interest. There are ques...
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