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  • Let's save the wild animals of our world:endangered species - ESL worksheets
    Let's save the wild animals of our world:endangered...
    By sylviepieddaignel
    a text i made up to talk about endangered species of our planet with reading comprehension exercises on 2 pages, (doubled on th second pa...
  • English One book one  - ESL worksheets
    English One book one
    By ivanm527
    This book has been created as a way to help speaking Spanish speakers to learn English. Therefore students can fill this book so they can...
  • There is/are game - ESL worksheets
    There is/are game
    By carol1792
    With this board game you can practise 'there is, there are' sentences in your classroom. It is also possible to use it to practise expres...
  • Revision (numbers, time, there is / there are, quantifiers: some/an... - ESL worksheets
    Revision (numbers, time, there is / there are,...
    By colombo87
    Revision worksheet on numbers, time, there is / there are, quantifiers (some/any/no/) prepositions of time, tenses There are different ex...
  • From endangered to extinct :2 page updated reading - ESL worksheets
    From endangered to extinct :2 page updated reading
    By sylviepieddaignel
    here is an updated reading about endangered species in the world ; I updated some of the figures , talked about Cecil the lion killed b...
  • Revision (2 pages) - ESL worksheets
    Revision (2 pages)
    By colombo87
    A revision worksheet to revise possessive pronouns, possessive case, nationalities, ordinal numerals, have got - to be, there is-there ar...
  • cardinal and ordinal numbers - ESL worksheets
    cardinal and ordinal numbers
    By Yaraly
    It's a really helpful resource to reach both cardinal and ordinal numbers.
  • Animal pictures with numbers - ESL worksheets
    Animal pictures with numbers
    By jamee20
    Can be used as a pairs game or just a matching game for young beginners. I have used the animal pictures from the Big Animal Crossword b...
  • Numbers- cardinals and ordinals - ESL worksheets
    Numbers- cardinals and ordinals
    By InesErdesi
    The objective of this worksheet is to practise writing cardinal and ordinal numbers in words. The worksheet can be used as a grammar dril...
  • How to Pronounce Numbers, Dates and More: 2 Blackboards  - ESL worksheets
    How to Pronounce Numbers, Dates and More: 2...
    By kifissia
    2 blackboards with a variety of numbers- ordinal, telephone, large numbers, dates and more. Numbers seem to be very difficult for most st...
  • numbers 1 to 30 - ESL worksheets
    numbers 1 to 30
    By andypapa17
    This activity is about writing numbers in digits and letters. Students have to use a note page that the teacher has to provide. This way ...
  • Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers - ESL worksheets
    Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
    By Marg
    This is a simple worksheet I have devised to check on new students knowledge and abilities in this area. I couldn't find anything similar...
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