English ESL Comparison (comparative and superlative) worksheets - Most downloaded (772 Results) | Page 65

  • Comparative and Superlative Adjectives - ESL worksheets
    Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
    By englishwithatea
    Here you can find a short exercise where students have to choose the correct option (comparative or superlative form). I hope you find it...
  • End of Year Exam - ESL worksheets
    End of Year Exam
    By willwisher
    It is an exam paper designed for grade 11. It comprises Listening, Reading and Writing. The exam covers many themes like holidays, Olympi...
  • Axwell Ingrosso More than you know - ESL worksheets
    Axwell Ingrosso More than you know
    By Lellika
    For distressing A1 up B1 class. Pronunciation Practice with Axwell Ingrosso's Song "More than you know". Translation distinctions, voca...
  • Comparative2 - ESL worksheets
    By brainfish
    Students have to compare things by making sentences using the correct comparative of the the adjective plus than ás well asthe superlativ...
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