English ESL Future tenses worksheets - Most downloaded (752 Results) | Page 63

  • 8.7 how to react - ESL worksheets
    8.7 how to react
    By khaleena
    the worksheet checks students' understanding of future time expressions and plans with "be going to" and a little bit of vocabulary conce...
  • Who's The Climate Activist? - ESL worksheets
    Who's The Climate Activist?
    By radiosushi
    A short discussion activity where students work in groups to see if they can identify quotes by Greta Thunberg. This is a nice, simple wa...
  • Future Plans (Information Gap) - ESL worksheets
    Future Plans (Information Gap)
    By adrusu
    The objective of this worksheet is to give students opportunity to practice asking and talking about people's future plans. It is an in...
  • Grammar/Vocab Review - ESL worksheets
    Grammar/Vocab Review
    By willwisher
    A worksheet to recycle vocabulary associated with travellers and tourists and to review the future tense (will+infinitive / be going to+v...
  • Discover the tenses used in the future - ESL worksheets
    Discover the tenses used in the future
    By sfdslrf
    The students find the different tenses used to express the future in the text. Finding out themselves helps them remember these tenses be...
  • Travellers and Tourits ~ CONSOLIDATION - ESL worksheets
    Travellers and Tourits ~ CONSOLIDATION
    By willwisher
    A worksheet that aims at recycling vocabulary associated with travellers and tourists and review the different ways of expressing the fut...
  • Future Tense - Missing lyric - ESL worksheets
    Future Tense - Missing lyric
    By yasnie
    Fill in the words missing in the song.. The background of Michael Heart composed this song is because he felt sympathy with painful of...
  • the future tense - ESL worksheets
    the future tense
    By najat22222
    this worksheet is about the future tense with the word will. it gives very basic information about the future tense with 3 verbs. it is s...
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