English ESL Articles: indefinite articles (a/an) worksheets - Most downloaded (190 Results) | Page 16

  • What a wonderful world - ESL worksheets
    What a wonderful world
    By luisinagaudio
    This is a song useful for practising singular and plural nouns, colours, objects and feelings. Listening comprehension. You can bring you...
  • Zero article with plurals - ESL worksheets
    Zero article with plurals
    By penhouet
    This is a worksheet on Zero article with plurals. It outlines the grammer point which is divided into categories. There are also examples...
  • Fruit and Vegetables - ESL worksheets
    Fruit and Vegetables
    By svietashyshka
    This worksheet helps learners to improve their reading and writing skills. The aim is to learn fruit and vegetables in context. There are...
  • Practice with Play/Do/Go - ESL worksheets
    Practice with Play/Do/Go
    By tautologous
    A fill-able PDF worksheet to practice using play/do/go as well as subject-verb agreement and time expressions for simple present tense se...
  • Introducing Myself - ESL worksheets
    Introducing Myself
    By Ellfira
    Objective: For ESL learners, to review the use of is/am/are, have/has, singular/plural and help them to do a simple introduction. A read...
  • A OR AN?? - ESL worksheets
    A OR AN??
    By estellita
    When i teach/revise the indefinite articles a/an i use this worksheet with young learners of English. it contains two boards ( one with v...
  • Englishman in New York by Sting - ESL worksheets
    Englishman in New York by Sting
    By grettaster
    This song was created for pre-intermediate to advanced students. It works with vocabulary, indefinite articles A / AN and in the end stud...
  • Colors- Indefinite article - ESL worksheets
    Colors- Indefinite article
    By titty1977
    This worksheet was created as a listening comprehension. Students listen to the song "Purple cat" by Studycat and do the listening activi...
  • To be simple presente, have got, a an - ESL worksheets
    To be simple presente, have got, a an
    By Siury
    It is a brief revision. It includes verb the verb to be, have got, the indefinite article. I also include an explanation in Spanish of th...
  • Family members - ESL worksheets
    Family members
    By narmiona
    1. Objective of this small quiz is to repeat family members vocabulary. 2. This worksheet is test and flashcard types. 3. There are find...
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