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  • Introducing Myself - ESL worksheets
    Introducing Myself
    By Ellfira
    Objective: For ESL learners, to review the use of is/am/are, have/has, singular/plural and help them to do a simple introduction. A read...
  • Indefinite article - ESL worksheets
    Indefinite article
    By Raggiodisole
    this is a worksheet to practise the use of the indefinite article... it contents two short texts about "My house"and "my breakfast" and a...
  • Articles a/an, the (where necessary) - ESL worksheets
    Articles a/an, the (where necessary)
    By EngleskiZg
    All articles included. Pupils have to insert -a, an or the- where necessary. Very useful for grammar check. Suitable for 7th grade. Ful...
  • A VS AN - ESL worksheets
    A VS AN
    By Andrei222
    This worksheet explains about A VS AN. It has meaning, vowels letters, consonants letters, and fill in the blanks. This worksheet improve...
  • Colors- Indefinite article - ESL worksheets
    Colors- Indefinite article
    By titty1977
    This worksheet was created as a listening comprehension. Students listen to the song "Purple cat" by Studycat and do the listening activi...
  • Creative English Dialogues  - ESL worksheets
    Creative English Dialogues
    By LMessian
    By writing and performing short dialogues, adults and teens can practice using count and noncount (uncountable) nouns with definite and i...
  • A OR AN?? - ESL worksheets
    A OR AN??
    By estellita
    When i teach/revise the indefinite articles a/an i use this worksheet with young learners of English. it contains two boards ( one with v...
  • Cutting Edge Elementary Unit 6 - Progress test - there is/are, how ... - ESL worksheets
    Cutting Edge Elementary Unit 6 - Progress test -...
    By annaager
    This worksheet is based on the material from Unit 6 Cutting Edge. It`s a progress test with aims to revise there is/are, how much/many, a...
  • To be simple presente, have got, a an - ESL worksheets
    To be simple presente, have got, a an
    By Siury
    It is a brief revision. It includes verb the verb to be, have got, the indefinite article. I also include an explanation in Spanish of th...
  • Kids Fun activity. Where is?/ There is/ It is - ESL worksheets
    Kids Fun activity. Where is?/ There is/ It is
    By WalkYorEnglish
    A simple playful activity (mostly) for the kids to enjoy & practice basic structures such as "There is" I also focused on some basic p...
  • CVC Sentences - ESL worksheets
    CVC Sentences
    By janenx
    This is the best way to let the kids practice their reading. You can do it as a whole or one-on-one. Its goal is to let the students get ...
  • Numbers 1-10 and articles (a-an) - ESL worksheets
    Numbers 1-10 and articles (a-an)
    By TeacherTainara
    Activity to practice numbers from one to ten and the correct use of the articles A or AN. There's a crossword to practice the numbers and...
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