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  • Describing appearance - ESL worksheets
    Describing appearance
    By Ellienia
    This worksheet is a fun way to teach children how to describe someone's appearance. The images are chosen from the most liked cartoon cha...
  • Talking about emotions - ESL worksheets
    Talking about emotions
    By gogetglobal
    How to embrace emotions at work? Based on Ted talk by Liz Fosslien, How to embrace emotions at work, ted.com Business English Lesso...
  • alpahabets for technology - ESL worksheets
    alpahabets for technology
    By nurreyes
    this is an alphabets flashcards for technology. instead of normal a is for apple this flashcards are more to a is for apple computer, b i...
  • names and adjectives-4 - ESL worksheets
    names and adjectives-4
    By kasimtuncer
    visual materials: Male and female names with adjectives describing personality, character, feelings, mood; adjectives with suffixes -ed /...
  • Adjective order - ESL worksheets
    Adjective order
    By KrisEng
    The worksheet can be used for A2 or B1 levels. In case of any misunderstandings, please re-read the document. The document is ready to b...
  • Caterpillar pencil topper - ESL worksheets
    Caterpillar pencil topper
    By VeraMart
    I used this worksheet after telling the story "The very hungry caterpillar", by Eric Carle, to introduce spring. We made the caterpillars...
  • Order of Adjectives - ESL worksheets
    Order of Adjectives
    By missmarlet
    In this activity, you will review and practice the correct order for the adjectives as well as new vocabulary. In addition, you can trans...
  • The order of adjectives  handout  2 - ESL worksheets
    The order of adjectives handout 2
    By Tommi
    THIS LESSON IS THE INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING STUDENT ABOUT THE ORDER OF ADJECTION .How the adjective modifies the noun and pronouns. T...
  • possessive adjectives and whose is it? - ESL worksheets
    possessive adjectives and whose is it?
    By brahimovich
    a worksheet wherin Ss are asked to fill in the blanks with the correct possessive adjectives and later in exercise 2 they will ask Qs usi...
  • Common English Collocations - ESL worksheets
    Common English Collocations
    By l542912
    I have put together common examples of English collocations, with the links to the websites where I found most of the information. The we...
  • Order of adjectives worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Order of adjectives worksheet
    By Chloeldr
    A worksheet to work on adjectives. The student can come up with his own noun and set of adjectives to go with it. I'm working with a re...
  • The Alphabet with Upper and Lower Case - ESL worksheets
    The Alphabet with Upper and Lower Case
    By chloetagus
    Writing, pronunciation and oral exercise to learn the English alphabet, as well as Upper and Lower case. Pronunciation as it would soun...
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