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  • Unit test - ESL worksheets
    Unit test
    By ievaporiete
    This is a test to how students have mastered the usage of the past simple regular and irregular verbs in different contexts. There are al...
  • The Wish Ring - Vocabulary and Literary Analysis - ESL worksheets
    The Wish Ring - Vocabulary and Literary Analysis
    By knaka
    This test assesses comprehension of "The Wish Ring," a folktale translated from the German by Anna Eichberg. There are vocabulary in cont...
  • Too much love will kill you - Queen - ESL worksheets
    Too much love will kill you - Queen
    By VeronicaFaria15
    Fill in the gap activity, sections of speaking, writing, and reading the text, and answering the questions. Specially designed for adoles...
  • One Headlight - The Wallflowers   - ESL worksheets
    One Headlight - The Wallflowers
    By juancalmanza
    This is a listening activity to practice the past simple of some verbs: lose, die, wonder, have and listen. There are three different ac...
  • Discover the Jim Crow Laws - ESL worksheets
    Discover the Jim Crow Laws
    By Carine31
    2 levels worksheets about 2 different videos presenting the introduction of the Jim Crow Laws. In the 2nd video the pupils discover the u...
  • simple past tense  - ESL worksheets
    simple past tense
    By yahya73
    revision of term one lessons. So first we will get started with a grammar lesson which is the past simple tense in the affirmative form r...
  • Formation of the simple past with EdPuzzle - ESL worksheets
    Formation of the simple past with EdPuzzle
    By KatrienVer
    In this animated clip about a birtday party formation questions about the simple past are inserted (regular & irregular verbs) Also simp...
  • writing handout - ESL worksheets
    writing handout
    By Yasmine89
    Write 5 sentences about Marlin Monroe . you need to start with capital letter and end with a full stop. You have to write basic informat...
  • The War With Grandpa - ESL worksheets
    The War With Grandpa
    By silpao
    Lesson plan about the book "The War With Grandpa". There are different activities for most of the chapters. The activities were borrowed ...
  • Best Film (or Series), Ever! - ESL worksheets
    Best Film (or Series), Ever!
    By waru.english
    Students learn vocabulary about the cinema. They have to present a film (or a series) they like a lot and want to present to their classm...
  • Geronimo by Sheppard - ESL worksheets
    Geronimo by Sheppard
    By MartinaC22
    A worksheet to learn new vocabulary/ briefly review the past simple tense with the help of the song 'Geronimo' by Sheppard. Students are...
  • Beginner Phonics 3  - ESL worksheets
    Beginner Phonics 3
    By lmanene
    Beginner phonics lesson for those unable to read in English. It is continuing with the words I, YOU, THE and SEE. there is writing and R...
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