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  • Prepositions of time - ESL worksheets
    Prepositions of time
    By paulinacasa
    A worksheet to practise prepositions of time (IN, ON, AT). Two exercises: 1) completing phrases, 2) using prepositions in context.B&W ver...
  • In on at - ESL worksheets
    In on at
    By DylanAsheton
    A simple exercise using the prepositions in, on and at for time and place. This is especially useful in Indonesia because they use the wo...
  • Board game - ESL worksheets
    Board game
    By luisinagaudio
    A board game in which yours students will review vocabulary that has to do with prepositions of time, how to tell the time, months of the...
  • Preposition use of in or on practice - ESL worksheets
    Preposition use of in or on practice
    By MsEmile
    This worksheet was designed to accompany a lesson on when to use in or on when referring to time. Students will circle either in or on to...
  • HALLOWEEN SONGS - Listening and prepositions - ESL worksheets
    HALLOWEEN SONGS - Listening and prepositions
    By Bearla
    A Halloween themed activity where learners listen to songs with a Halloween theme (Monsters and vampires) and fill in the gaps. Each gap ...
  • Time prepositions: IN ON AT - ESL worksheets
    Time prepositions: IN ON AT
    By JulietWithoutRomeo
    This worksheet is about prepositions of time: in, on and at. On the first page, there is a brief explanation about the uses of each prepo...
  • Work it out - ESL worksheets
    Work it out
    By Cucasal
    Students have to find where everybody sits in the classroom using the clues in the sentences. When they finish, they can also try to sit ...
  • Christmas activities - ESL worksheets
    Christmas activities
    By rakeni
    You can use this worksheet to learn the vocabulary of Christmas, there is a date on each card. I ask the kid to tell the date "On the..."...
  • Time Expressions Conversation Practice - ESL worksheets
    Time Expressions Conversation Practice
    By aguler
    This worksheet aims to prompt students to practice making a reservation for a hotel and a tennis court. Students exchange roles and book ...
  • Prepositions of time - survey - ESL worksheets
    Prepositions of time - survey
    By LG80
    Not exactly a time machine, but if you work with elementary students, this activity might be a useful combination of grammar and speaking...
  • Telling Time - ESL worksheets
    Telling Time
    By Khansa234
    it is worksheet for telling time material. it consists of various questions dealing with the material. there are matching ones, multiple ...
  • The Alphabet with Upper and Lower Case - ESL worksheets
    The Alphabet with Upper and Lower Case
    By chloetagus
    Writing, pronunciation and oral exercise to learn the English alphabet, as well as Upper and Lower case. Pronunciation as it would soun...
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