English ESL Relative clauses worksheets - Most downloaded (211 Results) | Page 18

  • City Places - ESL worksheets
    City Places
    By schkalidulka
    A simple worksheet for students to guess the names of places in the city by their description. This tasks can be done individually, in pa...
  • Module 8 - The world of work - ESL worksheets
    Module 8 - The world of work
    By ElsaFernandes
    Portuguese professional courses, module 8 easy worksheet Vocabulary and grammar exercises (Conditional sentences Types I, II, II; If an...
  • 8th Grade Healthy Eating test, version A - ESL worksheets
    8th Grade Healthy Eating test, version A
    By ElsaFernandes
    A test on healthy eating. The listening is from the test on unit 3 of the book Swoosh 8. Look out for version B under the same name. I...
  • Relative pronouns  - ESL worksheets
    Relative pronouns
    By Wonder82
    Listen Charmlessman by Blur and choose the correct relative pronoun. After teacher develops on relative clauses students can then write a...
  • Summary relative pronouns and clauses - ESL worksheets
    Summary relative pronouns and clauses
    By rinablue
    Pequeña guía resumen que explica en qué consisten los relatives pronouns con sus clasificaciones y ejemplos. Y en qué consisten las rela...
  • adjective(relative) clause - ESL worksheets
    adjective(relative) clause
    By RoyWang
    the complete explanation of the adjective clause is detailed on the worksheet. I hope this worksheet can help English learner to fully un...
  • Relative pronouns - training - ESL worksheets
    Relative pronouns - training
    By obwo
    This is a simple worksheet to train the usage of the relative pronouns. It also contains an exercise to revise present and past simple in...
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