English ESL SO - NEITHER / NOR (meaning "too") worksheets - Most downloaded (21 Results) | Page 2

  • So Am I, Neither Do I - ESL worksheets
    So Am I, Neither Do I
    By Stefanou
    Using this GUIDE to SO AM I, NEITHER DO I structures, you can both entertain and teach! You can also use the worksheet that goes along wi...
  • MORNING ROUTINE (Daily Routine) - ESL worksheets
    MORNING ROUTINE (Daily Routine)
    By Stefanou
    This is NOT to describe a whole DAILY ROUTINE but only the MORNING BIT. You can use it as a pretext to teach "so do I, while..." I suppos...
  • Agreement/Disagreement Reading Comprehension - ESL worksheets
    Agreement/Disagreement Reading Comprehension
    By cthomson923
    This document allows students to practice the grammatical structure (Activity A), interpret the meaning of (Activity B), and independentl...
  • Passive-turn to ACTIVE form and NEITHER & NOR - ESL worksheets
    Passive-turn to ACTIVE form and NEITHER & NOR
    By EngleskiZg
    Passive Voice-students should turn Passive sentences to ACTIVE and there is the second execise with NEITHER & NOR (also good for practici...
  • How to use Neither + Nor/Either + Or/Both/Too With Lemons and/or Li... - ESL worksheets
    How to use Neither + Nor/Either + Or/Both/Too With...
    By cthomson923
    This document shows the different grammatical structures used to create agreement and disagreement sentences. Teachers may find it partic...
  • So neither - ESL worksheets
    So neither
    By Agula63
    Explain how to use so and neither. Then ask your students to read the conversation and complete with so or neither. It's a good exercise ...
  • neither-nor-either-both-not only... but also...-Echoed Sentence - ESL worksheets
    neither-nor-either-both-not only... but...
    By RoyWang
    the uses of these conjunctions are always a headache for many English learners. This worksheet gives people a general idea of how to echo...
  • too enough - ESL worksheets
    too enough
    By MicaelaRuiz
    I used this worksheet with my secondary sts as a link in activity. I wrote sentences on the board and they matched the pics to the correc...
  • AVICII The Days - ESL worksheets
    AVICII The Days
    By Lellika
    For distressing A2 up B2 class. Pronunciation Practice with Avicii's Song "The Days". Spelling words, vocabulary review and expansion, ...
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