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  • Speakout Intermediate End of Unit 1 Quiz - ESL worksheets
    Speakout Intermediate End of Unit 1 Quiz
    By fbetsy
    Use with my Speakout Intermediate Class for a quiz at the end of unit 1. Includes vocabulary on family, language learning, phrasal verbs,...
  • W's and How - ESL worksheets
    W's and How
    By rlrayfield
    This may be used as a guide to explain the differences of What, Where, When, Which, Why, and For What for a Spanish speaker. There are pa...
  • Wh and How Questions - ESL worksheets
    Wh and How Questions
    By marina_blah
    This is a list of questions in which one of these words is missing: what, where, when, who, whose, which, why and how. For each question ...
  • WH Questions and translate - ESL worksheets
    WH Questions and translate
    By DouglasLuiz
    Match exercise of the wh questions with an extra translate exercise. There are 2 columns to be matched and a extra challenge for those wh...
  • What are you doing? - ESL worksheets
    What are you doing?
    By RandyJack
    Worksheet for use with unit 8 of our discovery island 3. There are two pages for this document. The teacher will say "number 1" and perfo...
  • WH-question Classroom Activity - ESL worksheets
    WH-question Classroom Activity
    By rspoden
    There are several posters (A4 size) that have possible answers to a given interrogative. Students go around the room and try to match the...
  • Wh Question Game Cards  - ESL worksheets
    Wh Question Game Cards
    By Tommi
    Game Cut out the game cards for each student. I put them in an envelope. Each student gets a pack Students must shuffle the car...
  • Vocabulary Review More! 2 Unit 3 - ESL worksheets
    Vocabulary Review More! 2 Unit 3
    By fabiand90
    vocabulary review for second learner's year; "More!" is a EFL learner's book in Austria, this learner's feedback addresses learner's yea...
  • Sally's Fast Food Menu - ESL worksheets
    Sally's Fast Food Menu
    By Fauzia
    In this worksheet the learners will learn how to read a menu. They will read the names of some fast food and drink items. They will also ...
  • Rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram    - ESL worksheets
    Rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram
    By Orit_Kirschner
    This is a text about the Israeli Rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram who won medals on the 2019 World Championships. The worksheet contains abo...
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