English ESL Questions: WH questions (open-ended questions) worksheets - Most downloaded (384 Results) | Page 31

  • WH Questions and translate - ESL worksheets
    WH Questions and translate
    By DouglasLuiz
    Match exercise of the wh questions with an extra translate exercise. There are 2 columns to be matched and a extra challenge for those wh...
  • Dimash - Your Love (Word order in questions Song) - ESL worksheets
    Dimash - Your Love (Word order in questions Song)
    By Sonn
    Dimash Kudaibergen is a singer who is famous in Kazakhstan, Russia, China and other countries. The song contains a lot of questions in...
  • Muzzy in Gondoland Episode 4 - ESL worksheets
    Muzzy in Gondoland Episode 4
    By lyndaleblanc
    1) Comprehension exercises on Episode 4. 2) Some grammar points such as -wh words 3) Matching exercises on vocabulary seen in the video ...
  • Wh and How Questions - ESL worksheets
    Wh and How Questions
    By marina_blah
    This is a list of questions in which one of these words is missing: what, where, when, who, whose, which, why and how. For each question ...
  • Great Family Tree and Jobs Project _ Part 2 - ESL worksheets
    Great Family Tree and Jobs Project _ Part 2
    By KokouviTeacher
    A Great Family Tree Project. This well-built worksheet combines family members and jobs / occupations. The learners will have fun while...
  • Conversation Bingo - Quantifiers much/many/a lot of/some - ESL worksheets
    Conversation Bingo - Quantifiers much/many/a lot...
    By rednightmare
    Conversation Bingo with quantifiers (much/many/a lot of/some) Mingle activity for students. They can use the question table to help them...
  • Question words_schoolobjects - ESL worksheets
    Question words_schoolobjects
    By iburumahtangga
    Exercising on writing using open ended question and yes/no with school objects as vocabularies. It's a grammar worksheet. Simply to compl...
  • When is Your Birthday Interview Game - ESL worksheets
    When is Your Birthday Interview Game
    By apop2020
    This is an interview game. Students interview their classmates by asking 'When is your birthday?' They then write the interviewee's infor...
  • WH-question Classroom Activity - ESL worksheets
    WH-question Classroom Activity
    By rspoden
    There are several posters (A4 size) that have possible answers to a given interrogative. Students go around the room and try to match the...
  • I Spy  - ESL worksheets
    I Spy
    By jamielee
    In this card game, it teaches the students to ask questions about a particular object,action or thing. This gives the student to practice...
  • Role-Play for English Begginers - ESL worksheets
    Role-Play for English Begginers
    By isaacsales
    A role-play for self-introduction suited for english learners who are still in the beginning. The student will practice vocabulary relate...
  • Wh Question Game Cards  - ESL worksheets
    Wh Question Game Cards
    By Tommi
    Game Cut out the game cards for each student. I put them in an envelope. Each student gets a pack Students must shuffle the car...
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