English ESL translation exercises worksheets - Most downloaded (220 Results)

  • Linking words for essays - ESL worksheets
    Linking words for essays
    By fromhandtohand
    In order to create and write accurate paragraphs, you need to know conjuctions , linking words and transitions well. Essays require rules...
  • Funny Bird Idioms - ESL worksheets
    Funny Bird Idioms
    By kifissia
    20 feathered friends idioms used in a sentence. Page 2 is a list of the idioms with a definition. PPT with examples of all idioms and...
  • What are they doing? (pres. cont.) - ESL worksheets
    What are they doing? (pres. cont.)
    By dogafeltham
    Worksheet for practising 'present continues'. There are two pictures in the worksheet. Students look at the pictures and write 15 senten...
  • Parts of the body 1 - ESL worksheets
    Parts of the body 1
    By kristine44
    Three exercises about 'Parts of the Body'. The outer body, the inside body, limbs, head Exercise 1 and 2: elementary level. Exercise 3...
  • #TeachYourStudentsWithFun video worksheet - ESL worksheets
    #TeachYourStudentsWithFun video worksheet
    By Jewls19
    I am totally in love with these Jimmy Fallon's hashtag episodes. Jimmy throws the topic and people post tweets describing situatuations c...
  • Describing a pet - ESL worksheets
    Describing a pet
    By annevolkovska
    This is a short text - description of a pet-rabbit for reading, translating and retelling. It's easy and can be read by little kids, who ...
  • phrasal verb Take speaking cards speaking activity - ESL worksheets
    phrasal verb Take speaking cards speaking activity
    By Jewls19
    This is a speaking activity to practice phrasal verb TAKE. Use it after doing some written exercises to help your students use this mater...
  • We Are The Champions (4 Skills with Lesson Plan) - ESL worksheets
    We Are The Champions (4 Skills with Lesson Plan)
    By dogafeltham
    'We are the champions' worksheet for present perfect tense and past tense. Lesson plan is included. There are listening, reading, spea...
  • PEACE SONG English Spanish - ESL worksheets
    PEACE SONG English Spanish
    By GGPC06
    This worksheet is about Peace values. Although everyone is different, all of us have at the end similars goals.Is interesting to sing it ...
  • Wonder movie, reading activity - ESL worksheets
    Wonder movie, reading activity
    By morac
    Reading comprehension activities for Wonder movie. True or false, choosing the correct option and vocabulary and translation to spanish a...
  • World Cup - Russia 2018 - ESL worksheets
    World Cup - Russia 2018
    By loriemars
    Good to be used with Brazilian and Portuguese students because the instructions are in their mother tongue. The written exercise practice...
  • Present simple practice by  - ESL worksheets
    Present simple practice by
    By racek123
    Card game like UNO, according to days, students have to play, from Monday to Sunday, XXX means "free choice of a day", everyone has 4-5 c...
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