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  • Grace Kelly - ESL worksheets
    Grace Kelly
    By caromareco
    Listening comprehension activity. Students will love completing this worksheet as they listen to this catchy song. It is a good opportuni...
  • New Zealand game - ESL worksheets
    New Zealand game
    By kiwisensei
    This is a basic board game with some general knowledge questions about New Zealand. The questions are designed to trigger students to ask...
  • I'm outta love Anastasia - ESL worksheets
    I'm outta love Anastasia
    By c1nty
    This is a song to practise listening skills. I created various activities to; fill in gaps, order sentences, unscramble words... It ...
  • G12 Part 1 - Irregular Past Tense Verbs Quiz - Miscellaneous - ESL worksheets
    G12 Part 1 - Irregular Past Tense Verbs Quiz -...
    By samchin10
    This is a quiz that goes along with the document: How to Learn the Horrible List They are divided in Sections based on the groups of the...
  • Video lesson worksheet/ Little Mosque OTP Season 2 Episode 20 - ESL worksheets
    Video lesson worksheet/ Little Mosque OTP Season 2...
    By joyfirth
    It is a video lesson worksheet for a comedy show called Little Mosque On the Prairie. If you teach a Muslim group or if you want to focus...
  • "Slow Down" by Nichole Nordeman - ESL worksheets
    "Slow Down" by Nichole Nordeman
    By AissaCornelia
    I would like to share this with you dear teachers this song which is inevitable for our lives i did it with my students they did like it...
  • Numbers 10-80 - ESL worksheets
    Numbers 10-80
    By stasyost
    The kind of this worksheet is fun activity, grammar guide. There are a few kinds of tasks here. The first is : to write the missing numb...
  • Rockin’ around the Christmas tree  By Brenda Lee - ESL worksheets
    Rockin’ around the Christmas tree By Brenda Lee
    By Crisjordan
    Do you like to use songs in class? Songs are a motivational tool to teach English, so a classroom full of songs will warm the learning e...
  • Chorus English x Unstoppable by The Score - ESL worksheets
    Chorus English x Unstoppable by The Score
    By DomJones
    A fun Chorus English lesson featuring the song "Unstoppable by The Score". Watch the video and complete the first side of the workshee...
  • HTML Worksheet - ESL worksheets
    HTML Worksheet
    By okorojiasonye
    HTML, I made this to teach learners about HTML coding. I have given it out for my learner to do at home. The learners were very happy to ...
  • coleridge - vecchio marinaio (italiano) - ESL worksheets
    coleridge - vecchio marinaio (italiano)
    By fenice12
    Materiale per alunni diversamente abili, che illustra in modo semplice e sintetico la trama generale della "Ballata del vecchio marinaio"...
  • Jack the Ripper - ESL worksheets
    Jack the Ripper
    By senech
    This worksheet is about the film From Hell (and Jack the Ripper). Students watch the film and answer the questions about London and the n...
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