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  • It's all conditional - ESL worksheets
    It's all conditional
    By PatricijaSobak
    Worksheet with first and second conditional. The students have to figure out which conditional goes into which sentence. There are also v...
  • Proofreading 4  - ESL worksheets
    Proofreading 4
    By KumarYash
    This is a proofreading exercise for levels grade 4 and above. There are no suggested answers for this but it is relatively easy to mark b...
  • First Conditional - ESL worksheets
    First Conditional
    By AbbasiM
    A class survey to practice the first conditional and complete the clauses. ESL students can use the survey in class or with native speake...
  • Conditional 1- Dialogues and Exercise (easier content) - ESL worksheets
    Conditional 1- Dialogues and Exercise (easier content)
    By Nai87s
    Some dialogues focusing on conditional 1, it's easier than the other one I made. There're some practices at the bottom. Hope this is help...
  • 10 World Superstitions - ESL worksheets
    10 World Superstitions
    By daddyevil
    A worksheet to help students practice First Conditional, I use this to get my charges thinking about their own superstitions and beliefs....
  • Why can't I mum? - First Conditional - ESL worksheets
    Why can't I mum? - First Conditional
    By silvialefevre
    The second page, the students match the answers to the questions. If you want other worksheets about the same topic, you can find them ...
  • Conditional sentences type 1 - ESL worksheets
    Conditional sentences type 1
    By silpao
    Read and complete the sentences using the correct tense; simple present or future WILL. Then match the sentences with the correct picture...
  • First conditional - ESL worksheets
    First conditional
    By jrmrts
    During the activity students review the conditional type 1. The first activity students unscramble some sentences. In the second activi...
  • Poem If by R.Kipling Part 1 - ESL worksheets
    Poem If by R.Kipling Part 1
    By OlgaReshetnik
    Need to learn a poem by heart? Consider it impossible to learn long poems? Here's a creative and easy way to boost your speaking skills, ...
  • Tipos de condicionales y ejercicios - ESL worksheets
    Tipos de condicionales y ejercicios
    By Zuleyma2003
    Teoría de los condicionales que te ayudará a entender y ejercicios para practicar,además están las soluciones para que veas los resultado...
  • Four martial arts - ESL worksheets
    Four martial arts
    By RoyWang
    Martial arts are always attractive in the eyes of students an i hope this worksheet can pique students' learning interest. There are ques...
  • Count on me  - ESL worksheets
    Count on me
    By robbyrr3
    This is a song activity that explores the use of first conditionals and also some vocabulary work. It is useful with teenagers and adults...
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