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  • Retelling (verb to get) - ESL worksheets
    Retelling (verb to get)
    By irara
    Title: "I want to tell you about my uncle". Cut this sheet of paper and give to the group of students. Their task is to match these parts...
  • Phrasal Verbs 3 - ESL worksheets
    Phrasal Verbs 3
    By dm1990
    There are two exercises in this worksheet. The second is an openclose exercise that refers to worksheets Phrasal Verbs 1, 2. In the firs...
  • Phrasal verbs with Down - ESL worksheets
    Phrasal verbs with Down
    By Spinney
    Another phrasal verb exercise about the preposition down. Once again, it might be an idea to use this with adults only as the story at th...
  • Phrasal Verbs with For - ESL worksheets
    Phrasal Verbs with For
    By Spinney
    This is a very old worksheet of mine that I have used time and time again. Be aware that there is mention of swearing, homophobia, drinki...
  • Phrasal Verbs with KEEP - ESL worksheets
    Phrasal Verbs with KEEP
    By Zackguy913
    There are short explanations of each of the uses of different phrasal verbs with examples. After reading through it have your students do...
  • Carnival Phrasal verbs - ESL worksheets
    Carnival Phrasal verbs
    By NickySanders
    Carnival Phrasal verbs is an intermediate worksheet, where the student has to fill in a sentence from a choice of phrasal verbs. There is...
  • Phrasal verbs 1 - ESL worksheets
    Phrasal verbs 1
    By dm1990
    This is the first exercise related to phrasal verbs. The next tasks are logically connected to each other. The aim of this tasks is n...
  • Phrasal Verbs - Practice  - ESL worksheets
    Phrasal Verbs - Practice
    By DaniCastillo03
    This is a handout that will help students to review and to understand the topic studied in class easily. They will have several exercises...
  • Practice of using some Phrasal Verbs.  - ESL worksheets
    Practice of using some Phrasal Verbs.
    By MammaMia956956
    Keep away, keep on, keep off, keep up with, let down, let out of, pick on, pick out, pick up. Cut the cards and let your students match t...
  • Can you feed yourself in Japan? - ESL worksheets
    Can you feed yourself in Japan?
    By mkistoro
    A listening and understanding exercise showing how can you survive in Japan if you cannot speak Japanese language. This video is perfect...
  • Bonfire Night - BBC additional worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Bonfire Night - BBC additional worksheet
    By Aleksandra1723
    An additional worksheet to work with BBC material: https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/uk-now/video-uk/bonfire-night 3 tas...
  • Phrasal Verbs with Through - ESL worksheets
    Phrasal Verbs with Through
    By Spinney
    Another phrasal verbs project with mix-and-match, bingo and a debate thrown in for good measure. The debate is based on the controversial...
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