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  • Soho Dolls-Bang Bang Bang song - ESL worksheets
    Soho Dolls-Bang Bang Bang song
    By Katasonova
    Song for beginners, elementary and pre-intermidiate students. Worksheet with listening tasks. It is a trendy exercise song that will appe...
  • Marngrook Football - ESL worksheets
    Marngrook Football
    By LukeM74
    This is a reading passage about an Australian aboriginal sport believed to be an influence on Australian Rules Football. Students read th...
  • Information Gap Exercise - ESL worksheets
    Information Gap Exercise
    By ileowyn
    Oral group work, consists of two parts. 1est part students gather the information from the set the have been given, the 2nd part, they mu...
  • Getting to know your classmates - ESL worksheets
    Getting to know your classmates
    By AndromedaL
    Oral interaction activity for the begining of the year. Choose your 2 students in the class, ask them personal questions to filll the tab...
  • Lesson plan - Let's play - ESL worksheets
    Lesson plan - Let's play
    By Allexxandra
    This lesson is for elementary students. There are two topics - Let's play abd Phonics - review long o, e, u. There are 5 exercises and 1 ...
  • Me and my family - ESL worksheets
    Me and my family
    By Anastasiia80
    This Reading comprehension for Group 1 activity relates to "Me and my family topic." Read the text and fill in the ID card. Then tell Gro...
  • How to Make Carbonara Noodles - ESL worksheets
    How to Make Carbonara Noodles
    By ValerieFelicia
    It is a reading comprehension text. It is about procedure text about how to make something. It is for elementary level. there are five qu...
  • Animals and their food. - ESL worksheets
    Animals and their food.
    By JoAnHal
    Exercise to practice vocabulary concerning animals and their food. You are supposed to find the words first, and then write sentences: Bi...
  • Green Quiz - ESL worksheets
    Green Quiz
    By Sferna75
    The objective of this worksheet is to check how green you are. It is a communicative activity and students must work in pairs and ask the...
  • Beginner Phonics 7 - ESL worksheets
    Beginner Phonics 7
    By lmanene
    Beginner Lesson 7. Words introduced are: WE SEE I YOU CAN AND ME There is an emphasis on Reading and Writing. Take a look at my ot...
  • Best Film (or Series), Ever! - ESL worksheets
    Best Film (or Series), Ever!
    By waru.english
    Students learn vocabulary about the cinema. They have to present a film (or a series) they like a lot and want to present to their classm...
  • Present Simple Positive YouTube video #1 - Order Story Cards - ESL worksheets
    Present Simple Positive YouTube video #1 - Order...
    By Grammatics
    Young learners watch our animated video and order the story cards as a way to help reinforce their understanding of this aspect of the Pr...
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