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  • Modal verbs - ESL worksheets
    Modal verbs
    By PaulinaKapelska
    A list of basic modal verbs ( have to, must, can/can/t could, should/shouldn't/ musn't) shortly explained and exemplified. Difference ...
  • modal verbs - ESL worksheets
    modal verbs
    By marielena68
    This worksheet focuses on matching the definitions and deciphering the varied intensities of modal verbs Goof for students working son ...
  • working sheet modal verbs_adjective - ESL worksheets
    working sheet modal verbs_adjective
    By Dipash
    Sheet can be used for improving the knowledge in adjective degrees and modal verbs. This sheet is more applicable for beginners and eleme...
  • Infinitives, gerunds & modal verbs  - ESL worksheets
    Infinitives, gerunds & modal verbs
    By naiaragg08
    With this exercise sheet, you are going to be able to practice the difference between gerunds and infinitives as well as to know how to u...
  • Can (grammar guide + exercise) - ESL worksheets
    Can (grammar guide + exercise)
    By peiraenglish
    This is a grammar guide featuring "can" with example sentences. There is an exercise with eight questions to answer: 1. Can you speak Eng...
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