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  • Food game 2 (food game corrected) - ESL worksheets
    Food game 2 (food game corrected)
    By chapelle
    This is the second version of the food game I uploaded minutes ago. I realized on seeing it on the site that I had uploaded the wrong ver...
  • board game - rooms/furniture - ESL worksheets
    board game - rooms/furniture
    By kleudus
    This is a board game that consists of the names of rooms in the house, prepositions of place and furniture. Additionally, the students ha...
  • How are you? Bingo game for kids - feelings and emotions - ESL worksheets
    How are you? Bingo game for kids - feelings and...
    By agokidsesl
    How are you? Are you hot, cold, sleepy, hungry or sad? Teach your students how to talk about their emotions and how they feel with thi...
  • What are they doing? - ESL worksheets
    What are they doing?
    By mewi
    I created this board game for my young learners to practice the present continuous tense and possessive adjectives. They have to make aff...
  • CARDS - GAME - Present Simple - Verb to BE - ESL worksheets
    CARDS - GAME - Present Simple - Verb to BE
    By goggia
    Firs of all, print the worksheet and cut EACH sentence, and then, cut EACH word. You can paste them in a cardboard to get stronger. Give ...
  • Ludo - basic verbs - ESL worksheets
    Ludo - basic verbs
    By dobrawaa
    This game can be used to practise basic verbs. The rules are similar to a regular game of Ludo - the only difference is that when you cou...
  • A boardgame "AM, IS, ARE" - ESL worksheets
    A boardgame "AM, IS, ARE"
    By ivirene
    This worksheet is a boardgame aimed at practising the present forms of the verb TO BE: am, is, are. The worksheet can be helpful in train...
  • Weather boardgame - ESL worksheets
    Weather boardgame
    By zulia
    Weather boardgame, very interesting game in the island. There are pirates, pirates' ship, volcano, treasure, dolphin as a hero. You can ...
  • Time and daily routine - boardgame - ESL worksheets
    Time and daily routine - boardgame
    By silvialefevre
    This game practices time and daily routine. The students use a coin to see if they go further 1 or 2 cases. They have to say what time it...
  • Days of the week - Board game  - ESL worksheets
    Days of the week - Board game
    By HappyNN
    The following board game will help your students revise and practise the days of the week. They work in pairs/groups, throw the dice and ...
  • Present Perfect Tense- Experiences - ESL worksheets
    Present Perfect Tense- Experiences
    By Anthoni
    An enjoyable speaking and writing supplement to reinforce asking questions, answering using both affirmative and negative sentences. To g...
  • Much/many/a lot of - board game - ESL worksheets
    Much/many/a lot of - board game
    By Lyubazavr
    The given board game can help elementary students practise countable/uncountable nouns and diet vocabulary. The amount of players depen...
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