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  • I am the Earth - ESL worksheets
    I am the Earth
    By leonaking45
    Listen to a song entitled I am the Earth. Fill in the blanks with the correct words heard form the song. There are 15 blanks that are nee...
  • Hello - Adele - ESL worksheets
    Hello - Adele
    By englishwithatea
    Listening worksheet on "Hello", by Adele. Song activity. Students listen to the song and fill in the gaps with the words they hear. An...
  • Gift of the Night Fury part 1 - ESL worksheets
    Gift of the Night Fury part 1
    By JaiArg
    This is a revision for present simple and continuous. You can find this short film on youtube. The story happens between the first and t...
  • The Gruffalo - ESL worksheets
    The Gruffalo
    By LayzTeacher
    A Revision Worksheet for Elementary School students who have been learning about parts of animals and the ways that animals move. It is a...
  • Keane - Higher than the sun - ESL worksheets
    Keane - Higher than the sun
    By leo2014
    Students will be able to listen and complete the blanks. Great activity to practice listening and writing. It can be used as a warm up or...
  • Wishing Well - ESL worksheets
    Wishing Well
    By niqui.lang
    With this song activity, students explore the adverbs of manner in a contextualizing moment, prior to the lesson. Through different activ...
  • Pharaoh_ animated film - ESL worksheets
    Pharaoh_ animated film
    By izabela64
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0yxXmE6w_4 Before watching the animated film students will learn some new words from the video. I sugge...
  • Learning vocabulary through rhymes - ESL worksheets
    Learning vocabulary through rhymes
    By stevie.gobba
    Through this activity the students will acquire some vocabulary based on the rhyme-associating process indicated in the worksheet. Listen...
  • Snow is falling - ESL worksheets
    Snow is falling
    By Jenny3b
    This work sheet is designed as a partner exercise to the famous song by Shakin Stevens. Pupils can read through the texts and fill in the...
  • chanson Revoir de Jeremy Frerot - ESL worksheets
    chanson Revoir de Jeremy Frerot
    By lexli
    exercice d'ecoute: compléter les formes des verbes indiquées et compléter les paroles manquantes. A la fin, marquer aussi les liaisons et...
  • Activity about friendship - ESL worksheets
    Activity about friendship
    By AlexandraOhana
    This activity was created for kindergartners. It is a cut and glue activity based on the video "Friends" from Disney's collection "Magic ...
  • Never Really Over Song class - ESL worksheets
    Never Really Over Song class
    By LarissaBianchi
    Here are some exercises about the song Never really Over by katy perry. It is good to take a look at uses of "over" verbs in the simple ...
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