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  • English for seniors: groceries - ESL worksheets
    English for seniors: groceries
    By AnjaKK
    This is the vocabulary that I taught my senior English students. Of course it is not exhaustive. I also added pronunciation and translati...
  • Sports Writng - ESL worksheets
    Sports Writng
    By patiris
    Students can write to give their opinion about sports. They can give their reasons for their choice. They'll have to talk about the ports...
  • House - interior (inside) - KITCHEN - ESL worksheets
    House - interior (inside) - KITCHEN
    By EngleskiZg
    Mini lesson. Picture and text combiantion. There is a small text with 14 parts' description names that pupils have to write down. Suit...
  • Find someone who - ESL worksheets
    Find someone who
    By Domulina
    This worksheet will encourage your students to speak. Students have to walk in the classroom and find out what his/her classmates can do ...
  • Free time activities - ESL worksheets
    Free time activities
    By ondrin
    This worksheet is focused on the free time activities. The aim is to learn some new words and in the end to be able say at least four or ...
  • Pairwork - Dates - ESL worksheets
    Pairwork - Dates
    By silvialefevre
    Pairwork about numbers and dates . The students have to make dialogues as inthe example. If you want to practice more, you can find more...
  • Adjective Mix and Match - ESL worksheets
    Adjective Mix and Match
    By atopc3
    In order to consolidate common adjectives for learners, I decided to post this worksheet. Hope it can help learners a lot. An adjective ...
  • The Corpse bride - ESL worksheets
    The Corpse bride
    By Juliekongstad
    Group work task for The Corpse Bride. Talking about emotions and putting yourself in other people's places. No solutions. Descriptive tas...
  • Basic Rules Table - ESL worksheets
    Basic Rules Table
    By Americaneng4u
    The objetive of this form is to have a guide in when to add ing to the verb, or instead double letter, change ie to y, this way students...
  • Vocabulary 30 - ESL worksheets
    Vocabulary 30
    By MsZoka
    A worksheet to practise vocabulary. The key is included. I like giving exercises to practise the use of different words. The words are fr...
  • M.E.C.C.A. Vocabulary Review 6 - ESL worksheets
    M.E.C.C.A. Vocabulary Review 6
    By EMAPP
    This is a worksheet intended to introduce new vocabulary, and practice using them in context. There are 20 sheets in total. Also, crosswo...
  • Find Your Pair - Lesson Plan, Worksheet, and Pictures - ESL worksheets
    Find Your Pair - Lesson Plan, Worksheet, and Pictures
    By krahslucas
    A fun activity that can be useful in getting students to use English questions in order to find their partner for the day! Each student g...
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