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  • Vocab Worksheet on Women Employment - ESL worksheets
    Vocab Worksheet on Women Employment
    By ekimakyildiz
    I created this worksheet for a student of mine who was getting ready for a job interview at a Women Labor Force Participation project. ...
  • The verb to be - ESL worksheets
    The verb to be
    By Fleng1
    Practice the verb to be. Conjugate the verb in the present simple and the past simple. Fill in the correct form of the verb. Find keyword...
  • Big mama THornton Hound Dog  - ESL worksheets
    Big mama THornton Hound Dog
    By victoria125
    a song for pre intermediate students to practise listening skills and to know about this great musician. Big mama Thorton is a very impo...
  • Spelling- Misspelt Words 9 - ESL worksheets
    Spelling- Misspelt Words 9
    By heikeh
    This series of worksheets explores the correct spelling of frequently used words, that are often incorrectly spelled. There are printable...
  • Gryffindor house letter - ESL worksheets
    Gryffindor house letter
    By acorneille
    A letter to welcome your students to Gryffindor. It is simply made but rather efficient. I hope your students will enjoy it as much as mi...
  • Should or should not? - ESL worksheets
    Should or should not?
    By freielk
    The material is created to practice grammar structure "should". The topic of the lesson may be "health" or "health problems". Just look a...
  • Advanced vocabulary from On Screen C1 - ESL worksheets
    Advanced vocabulary from On Screen C1
    By izabela64
    All the words in this worksheet are taken from On Screen C1 module 8. You can use it to revise some words from this module. Hope it will ...
  • Character Chart - ESL worksheets
    Character Chart
    By Gus87
    This character chart is a simple outline to help students think more clearly about a character in the story, their actions, their feeling...
  • Text writing - ESL worksheets
    Text writing
    By obwo
    Writing prompt for beginners that should help to pen a simple text consisting of three paragraphs on a pirate. The sheet is structured fo...
  • Passive Present Past Future Australia - ESL worksheets
    Passive Present Past Future Australia
    By brainfish
    Gapfill exercise. Students have to fill in the correct passive form in the Simple Present, Simple Past or Will-Future. The sentences are...
  • Describing people - ESL worksheets
    Describing people
    By ElizaPitea
    This worksheet is designed to help students revise the forms of HAVE GOT and vocabulary related to physical appearance. It includes fill-...
  • guess the sports - ESL worksheets
    guess the sports
    By kitty808
    this is an easy worksheet about sports. let students draw half of the ball and write down the name of the sports. It incorporates drawin...
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