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  • Puzzle time: My dog - ESL worksheets
    Puzzle time: My dog
    By Liluk
    This mosaic puzzle consists of 16 pieces in L-shape, horizontally and/or vertically turned. So you have four times four different shapes....
  • Infor Gap Tigers - ESL worksheets
    Infor Gap Tigers
    By gjonathanaustinstern
    Information gap about Tigers Divide Students into A & B Explain the concept of questions Have them make the needed questions Then ...
  • What Do Animals Have? - ESL worksheets
    What Do Animals Have?
    By lhs80
    This is a word search activity on things animals have. Students find the words from the word bank at the bottom of the activity and circl...
  • Animals and their food. - ESL worksheets
    Animals and their food.
    By JoAnHal
    Exercise to practice vocabulary concerning animals and their food. You are supposed to find the words first, and then write sentences: Bi...
  • Vocabulary Exercise - ESL worksheets
    Vocabulary Exercise
    By katwood80
    This exercise is part of the Voacbulary of the story "Ruby in her own time" of Reading Street books grade one. Eventhough you can use thi...
  • At the zoo. Text. - ESL worksheets
    At the zoo. Text.
    By agesee
    You will need to read in this worksheet. You will use your reading skills. The title of the text is "At the zoo". This text is easy...
  • Animals worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Animals worksheet
    By agesee
    You will need to write what animals are depicted. It will be easy. But if you don’t know any animal you can ask your teacher or classm...
  • Spelling - Animals - ESL worksheets
    Spelling - Animals
    By taralinka
    Word scrambles are great for testing vocabulary and spelling, and for reinforcing reading and writing skills. Word scrambles are great fo...
  • the incy wincy spider - ESL worksheets
    the incy wincy spider
    By RenateOliveira
    The students listen to the song The Incly Wincy spider and draw each part of it You can change for The Itsy Bitsy spider, if you prefer ...
  • Do you like? Sea animal Edition - ESL worksheets
    Do you like? Sea animal Edition
    By jls94
    This worksheet is to help students identify animals. They will look at the picture provided and complete the question by writing the name...
  • Pet show - Pets / under/on/in - ESL worksheets
    Pet show - Pets / under/on/in
    By Allexxandra
    This worksheets is for young learners. Repeat vocabulary. You can use this lesson plan, or you can make your own lesson plan using this o...
  • Diphthong & Triphthong QR Code Treasure Hunt - ESL worksheets
    Diphthong & Triphthong QR Code Treasure Hunt
    By TeacherDianaRenke
    I was asked to run a set pronunciation workshops for a group rather active teenagers. Thus, this set of activities was developed to explo...
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