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  • I'm blue Eiffel 65 - ESL worksheets
    I'm blue Eiffel 65
    By luisinagaudio
    Exercises from the song "i'm blue" in which yours students will have to do a crossword, tick the blue words and do a true or false activi...
  • What are you doing? - ESL worksheets
    What are you doing?
    By RandyJack
    Worksheet for use with unit 8 of our discovery island 3. There are two pages for this document. The teacher will say "number 1" and perfo...
  • Adjective order with school objects - ESL worksheets
    Adjective order with school objects
    By Yami23
    This worksheet will be useful if you want your students to practise in a deeper level using adjective order as the main grammar point. Ho...
  • Bag it! our extreme usage of plastic. - ESL worksheets
    Bag it! our extreme usage of plastic.
    By rabish35
    A lesson accompanied by a video trailer to help students to think about how people are using too much plastic.The lesson would go well wi...
  • At the beach - ESL worksheets
    At the beach
    By fatihahanim
    Read the phrases and correct the mistakes. Students can circle the mistakes and correct the correct answers. Surprisingly, it is a fun wo...
  • Olivia - Physical - ESL worksheets
    Olivia - Physical
    By amandapn
    There are several exercises! It's an excellent activity to improve listening skills. We really hope you enjoy this worksheet! Song: ...
  • Moon Story Word Search - ESL worksheets
    Moon Story Word Search
    By Xanthia
    Word search is based on a story created by and used by my school. However, word searches are great in that they don't have to be words a ...
  • Toys Box - song - ESL worksheets
    Toys Box - song
    By KarenWestra
    A song about toys in a box. This file consists of a music score with chords and lyrics. The song is very easy and aims to learn toy...
  • Scrambled Eggs - ESL worksheets
    Scrambled Eggs
    By Virimur
    Our game is called “scrambled eggs” and it can be used for almost any subject and theme of an English lesson, in this case we will use it...
  • Bird and Kip. Episode 2 - ESL worksheets
    Bird and Kip. Episode 2
    By diusheska
    This worksheet includes tasks based on the cartoon BIRD AND KIP. There are 3 tasks and a quizlet test. Tasks: fill in the gaps, match and...
  • Sound editing in cinema - ESL worksheets
    Sound editing in cinema
    By Noemi_Trave
    Listening activities about a TED talk by Tasos Frantzolas about the use of sound editing in film-making. The answers to the questions are...
  • Dear John - Christian Song  - ESL worksheets
    Dear John - Christian Song
    By elizaclases1
    This material is focused for schools with biblical integration. It might be used to remember present perfect and to practice pronunciatio...
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