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  • Have you heard  - ESL worksheets
    Have you heard
    By bestsofever
    Students will practice asking and responding to the question: "Have you heard about_?" This is a flick coin game, fun activity where th...
  • Pronunciation game - ESL worksheets
    Pronunciation game
    By drizzly
    This game is designed for elementary level, to introduce students to some basic English vowels. Teachers first list the vowels on the boa...
  • Listening video comprehension - ESL worksheets
    Listening video comprehension
    By AleliAlvarez
    The worksheet has two exercises regarding the same video: "10 popular actors fired for the craziest reasons" (ATTENTION: link provided in...
  • Conditionals Post It - ESL worksheets
    Conditionals Post It
    By LadyNargle
    ATTENTION!!: The doc looks cut, but when you download it you'll see it's fine. This Word document is useful to revise conditionals. Th...
  • One English Word a Day - ESL worksheets
    One English Word a Day
    By rtazi1
    This worksheet aims to help students enrich their vocabulary even when not in class. The objective is for them to learn 1 new word every...
  • gossip Idioms - ESL worksheets
    gossip Idioms
    By andreag1
    Use these idioms to talk about telling news or gossips such as 'a little bird told me, according to'. It is fantastic to give opinions an...
  • All about me box - ESL worksheets
    All about me box
    By Nachi
    An useful first days activity to get to know a little bit about our students. This can be used as a propmt for a follow up activity in wh...
  • English One book one  - ESL worksheets
    English One book one
    By ivanm527
    This book has been created as a way to help speaking Spanish speakers to learn English. Therefore students can fill this book so they can...
  • Historical Letters: Analysis and Presentation - ESL worksheets
    Historical Letters: Analysis and Presentation
    By Hempy
    The lesson is designed to help students get to grips with analysing texts and presenting this information in a clear way. It will also gi...
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