English ESL Human rights, racism, discrimination worksheets - Most downloaded (167 Results) | Page 13

  • Gender Pay gap - ESL worksheets
    Gender Pay gap
    By penhouet
    This is a short worksheet on the Gender Pay gap. Students must fill in the mind map and then comment on the 2 photos. This can be used as...
  • Biography - Rosa Parks - ESL worksheets
    Biography - Rosa Parks
    By LoubeeSav
    Why was Rosa Parks arrested? How did President Clinton honour Rosa Parks? Students are asked to carry out some research and fill in this ...
  • Transgender: some of the issues - ESL worksheets
    Transgender: some of the issues
    By MrsFrobisher
    This worksheet explores some of the issues affecting transgender people and how they are perceived. The students evaluate the statements...
  • Non Violence Debete - ESL worksheets
    Non Violence Debete
    By penhouet
    This is a dialog based worksheet in which student must do a presentation based on the picture. The pictures outline quotes from the main ...
  • Essay Writing - Martin Luther King - ESL worksheets
    Essay Writing - Martin Luther King
    By LoubeeSav
    Students write an essay answering the following questions: What could be done to make the world a more peaceful place? What could you do ...
  • Mahatma Gandhi Cloze Activity - ESL worksheets
    Mahatma Gandhi Cloze Activity
    By LoubeeSav
    Created by www.primaryleap.co.uk What is Mahatma Gandhi famous for? Where was he born? What happened to Gandhi? Students read through ...
  • Child brides in Zimbabwe  - ESL worksheets
    Child brides in Zimbabwe
    By penhouet
    This is a worksheet on the subject of child marraige, to continue on the theme of modern slavery. Students must answer the questions bas...
  • khojaly tragedy - ESL worksheets
    khojaly tragedy
    By knyaz
    it is very good reading worksheet learning about the tragedy of Khojaly
  • Activists - Martin Luther King - Civil rights worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Activists - Martin Luther King - Civil rights...
    By kikiinvenice
    This worksheet is about Martin Luther King, it is ideal for use when exploring the topic of civil rights. Students should read the text a...
  • Women's Role in pictures - ESL worksheets
    Women's Role in pictures
    By penhouet
    This is a worksheet on the role of women in society from 1930 to nowl. It is picture based (images) . It can be used as a discussion type...
  • Nina Simone short biography - ESL worksheets
    Nina Simone short biography
    By Noemi_Trave
    Listening comprehension on a short video biography of American musician Nina Simone and her relation with the Civil Rights movement. Ther...
  • Finland: solving homelessness - ESL worksheets
    Finland: solving homelessness
    By olyanu
    This worksheet is based on a video by DW and is dedicated to the problem of homelessness and Finland's approach to solving it. https://ww...
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