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  • International Folk Costumes # 3 - ESL worksheets
    International Folk Costumes # 3
    By zhlebor
    A picture dictionary or a poster worksheet about the national/traditional dresses that worn by people from all over the world. Students w...
  • addends and turnaround facts - ESL worksheets
    addends and turnaround facts
    By hbrown7248
    A reminder for ESL students what the definition of math vocabulary is; supplemented by highlighted numbers to make concept more comprehen...
  • Class 17 - ESL worksheets
    Class 17
    By joshyeah28
    Another class from the curriculum series. This class focuses primarily on creating Wh-Questions. This class is meant for beginner and int...
  • x is for xylophone - ESL worksheets
    x is for xylophone
    By anniesenseijapan
    practice writing x in upper and lower cases and the word xylophone by writing on the xylophone picture: x-y-l-o-p-h-n-e.
  • Thanksgivig story for kids.  - ESL worksheets
    Thanksgivig story for kids.
    By SandraGil
    This is a short video to learn the origin of the Thanksgivig holiday for kids over 7 years old. I hope you like it! Students will have ...
  • Reading and writing - ESL worksheets
    Reading and writing
    By vievine
    a good lesson about reading and writing and how technology changed through time , pupils do the activities according to pictures and they...
  • Part Two: (French) Numbers (1-10) - ESL worksheets
    Part Two: (French) Numbers (1-10)
    By Mingyui
    This worksheet will help students get started on saying the numbers in French from one to ten. It will also help to now the translation o...
  • Imagine Dragons-Demons - ESL worksheets
    Imagine Dragons-Demons
    By HFFK
    The song Demos by Imagine Dragons is fun to work with. This is a great worksheet to share with your students. At the end of the activity ...
  • Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want Lyrics/Phonics Listening Pra... - ESL worksheets
    Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want...
    By Nai87s
    Students are required to fill in the blanks or circle the answer while listening to the song. Teachers can have students look through the...
  • The Starfish Story/You CAN make a difference! - ESL worksheets
    The Starfish Story/You CAN make a difference!
    By MrsFrobisher
    They read the tale and put the verbs in brackets into the past simple tense. Also, correct the mistakes exercise and answer the questions...
  • Clothing Vocabulary  - ESL worksheets
    Clothing Vocabulary
    By DorisCh
    I have created these 5 printable flashcards to help my students to increase their vocabulary. You can use these flashcards with kids. I h...
  • Don't Stop Believing - ESL worksheets
    Don't Stop Believing
    By lhs80
    Students listen to the song "Don't Stop Believing" by the band Journey. There eight missing words from the lyrics. Students choose the co...
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