English ESL Likes and dislikes worksheets - Most downloaded (200 Results) | Page 15

  • Superheroes' favorites - ESL worksheets
    Superheroes' favorites
    By valentina.duque
    This is a Listening activity you can carry out with elementary learners for practicing food vocabulary and also to practice Like/dislike ...
  • Likes and Dislikes - ESL worksheets
    Likes and Dislikes
    By penhouet
    This is a worksheet on all the expressions that deal with expressions of like and dislike. Students can also form sentences on the pictur...
  • Can you match the signs to the words? - ESL worksheets
    Can you match the signs to the words?
    By Mallingua
    A collection of 12 words for students to match to the pictures of everyday signs on the worksheet, such as lifts, CCTV camera, hospital e...
  • Like&Dislike Speaking activity - ESL worksheets
    Like&Dislike Speaking activity
    By Senemy
    The students will look at the chart and talk about people. You can add other activities to make it further. the vocabulary is about games...
  • Present Simple for German speakers (personal pronouns, S for third ... - ESL worksheets
    Present Simple for German speakers (personal...
    By wassolldas
    These worksheets contain information and exercises about the Present Simple including personal pronouns, S for third person singular, neg...
  • All about me box - ESL worksheets
    All about me box
    By Nachi
    An useful first days activity to get to know a little bit about our students. This can be used as a propmt for a follow up activity in wh...
  • Did you? Past simple Yes and No - ESL worksheets
    Did you? Past simple Yes and No
    By joe_v91
    A great pair work activity to practice: Did you___? and Yes I did/No I didn't. If the students are confident and their partner answers '...
  • All About Me - ESL worksheets
    All About Me
    By pisces0310
    This is all about me worksheet. This is created to encourage pupils to decide something they like most. It enhances their vocabulary and...
  • Do you prefer___or___? Questions about Vacations - ESL worksheets
    Do you prefer___or___? Questions about Vacations
    By aerozeppelin123
    A worksheet to practise asking “Do you prefer ___ or ___?” in the context of holidays/vacations. Students ask their partner the questions...
  • Making Resolutions - ESL worksheets
    Making Resolutions
    By injapanteacher
    Students are introduced to common resolution collocations and how to talk about things they want to do/would like to do. Rules and exampl...
  • Verb Like Practice - ESL worksheets
    Verb Like Practice
    By Tsoukatou
    This worksheet helps young learners to learn how to use the verb like + -ing and at the same time revise their vocabulary (Sports and Hob...
  • Hobbies and Likings - ESL worksheets
    Hobbies and Likings
    By remedialenglish
    Talking about hobbies is one of the easiest ways to get students communicating with each other at an elementary level. It is an adaptable...
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