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  • Wedding Wordsearch - ESL worksheets
    Wedding Wordsearch
    By TheTrends
    Some good vocabulary for kids to learn about getting married. not just about church weddings, but jewish weddings and civil, too. (Sorry ...
  • Rude - Love yourself- Songs - ESL worksheets
    Rude - Love yourself- Songs
    By sgrace9
    Songs used to listen and complete with the correct word they hear. Songs by Magic! and Justin Biever. They very popular among adolescents...
  • Conditionals Post It - ESL worksheets
    Conditionals Post It
    By LadyNargle
    ATTENTION!!: The doc looks cut, but when you download it you'll see it's fine. This Word document is useful to revise conditionals. Th...
  • English One book one  - ESL worksheets
    English One book one
    By ivanm527
    This book has been created as a way to help speaking Spanish speakers to learn English. Therefore students can fill this book so they can...
  • One English Word a Day - ESL worksheets
    One English Word a Day
    By rtazi1
    This worksheet aims to help students enrich their vocabulary even when not in class. The objective is for them to learn 1 new word every...
  • Barbie and Ken's Wedding - ESL worksheets
    Barbie and Ken's Wedding
    By bsullivanslcs
    Objective: Students will be able to describe American wedding traditions and compare them to those they are familiar with. Type of wor...
  • Video worksheet (Love is in the air) - ESL worksheets
    Video worksheet (Love is in the air)
    By Jewls19
    Some entertaining activity for students. It doesn´t take a lot of time. Students just need to watch the episode of Jimmy Kimmel\'s show w...
  • Write a letter nominating a charity to attend Harry and Meghan's We... - ESL worksheets
    Write a letter nominating a charity to attend Harry...
    By Squeen
    A writing activity for high level students to write a formal letter nominating their favourite charity to attend the celebrations for Pri...
  • #TeachYourStudentsWithFun video worksheet - ESL worksheets
    #TeachYourStudentsWithFun video worksheet
    By Jewls19
    I am totally in love with these Jimmy Fallon\'s hashtag episodes. Jimmy throws the topic and people post tweets describing situatuations ...
  • Poem by Jack Prelutsky "I love you more than apple sauce" - ESL worksheets
    Poem by Jack Prelutsky "I love you more than apple...
    By Nemzova
    The objective of this task is to practise the vocabulary on topic "Food and Desserts". Students have to complete the famous Valentine's ...
  • Marriage and family - ESL worksheets
    Marriage and family
    By avorodisa
    This lesson makes part of a series of lessons about life events. It has tasks like listening, speaking, reading and watching of videos. T...
  • Historical Letters: Analysis and Presentation - ESL worksheets
    Historical Letters: Analysis and Presentation
    By Hempy
    The lesson is designed to help students get to grips with analysing texts and presenting this information in a clear way. It will also gi...
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