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  • Princess Diana Biography - ESL worksheets
    Princess Diana Biography
    By PocketPassport
    A fun lesson to learn all about Princess Diana's legacy. Improve listening, build vocabulary, and practice speaking. CEFR B1-C1 Get th...
  • A2 general gap-fill exercise  - ESL worksheets
    A2 general gap-fill exercise
    By ted008
    This exercise is for students at A2 level. It tests their general level of vocabulary and reading comprehension. The worksheet may also b...
  • Historical Letters: Analysis and Presentation - ESL worksheets
    Historical Letters: Analysis and Presentation
    By Hempy
    The lesson is designed to help students get to grips with analysing texts and presenting this information in a clear way. It will also gi...
  • Why the mountain is called Khush-a story from Mongolia - ESL worksheets
    Why the mountain is called Khush-a story from Mongolia
    By LukeM74
    This is a short love story from Mongolia. Students read the story and demonstrate understanding of vocabulary, the main events and other ...
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Reading Comprehension Worksheet
    By MissJenESL
    Worksheet that students can fill out after reading a story or passage. Students can give their review of the reading, show understanding ...
  • Gang Of Youths - Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane - ESL worksheets
    Gang Of Youths - Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane
    By TeacherDianaRenke
    Part 1: CLOZE Exercise - a simple gap fill exercise where students fill in the infinitive verbs (V1) from the list. Part 2: Irregular Ve...
  • Wedding / Marriage Vocabulary List - ESL worksheets
    Wedding / Marriage Vocabulary List
    By shyane123
    This worksheet is to practice the student's vocabulary skills and sentence structure with the topic about marriage or wedding. This wo...
  • Marriage and family - ESL worksheets
    Marriage and family
    By avorodisa
    This lesson makes part of a series of lessons about life events. It has tasks like listening, speaking, reading and watching of videos. T...
  • Different religious wedding ceremonies Conversational questions - ESL worksheets
    Different religious wedding ceremonies...
    By KatungaJay
    The questions on this worksheet are to be used to assess understanding of the topic of expressing one's opinion and expressing agreement ...
  • Alexander Rybak - Fairytale - ESL worksheets
    Alexander Rybak - Fairytale
    By adamslaoshi
    1 - Fill in the missing words or choose the correct word ___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___--- 2 - N...
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