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  • Months' Name Meanings Handout - ESL worksheets
    Months' Name Meanings Handout
    By krahslucas
    A quick reference sheet that I slapped together for my students that shows a quick overview of the meaning of the names of the months. Th...
  • Months in English - ESL worksheets
    Months in English
    By ivanus
    Months studying spelling the names of the months in English. writing. Basic English. For teenagers and seniors. For students. How t...
  • Valentine's Day Spellings Activity - ESL worksheets
    Valentine's Day Spellings Activity
    By LoubeeSav
    These spelling words are associated with Valentine's Day. Learn these words and practice writing them on the right-hand side of the page....
  • Printable Calendar: May - ESL worksheets
    Printable Calendar: May
    By LoubeeSav
    Download this printable calendar to be used in the classroom or at home. Children can write down important events and birthdays. This pri...
  • St. Patrick's Day limerick poem - ESL worksheets
    St. Patrick's Day limerick poem
    By LoubeeSav
    This worksheet was created by www.primaryleap.co.uk A limerick is a five-lined, funny poem with a rhyming scheme of AABBA. This fun, u...
  • Bingo Vocabulario Aleatorio - ESL worksheets
    Bingo Vocabulario Aleatorio
    By AndreaPont
    Consiste en un Bingo con palabras y números, adaptado al 'Syllabus' del libro de la Editorial Richmond para 4º de Primaria. El vocabulari...
  • Acrostic Poem - May - ESL worksheets
    Acrostic Poem - May
    By LoubeeSav
    Children are asked to write an acrostic poem about the month of May. They can start each line with the letter on that line. This workshee...
  • Birthday board - ESL worksheets
    Birthday board
    By tintaly
    Practice months, family members and possessives by making this DIY birthday board. Make dialogues and glue the wooden discs under the bir...
  • Spellings - May theme (the spelling list isn't showing on the previ... - ESL worksheets
    Spellings - May theme (the spelling list isn't...
    By LoubeeSav
    These spellings are included in the worksheet but for some reason they're not showing on the preview. Children learn these spellings that...
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