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  • Election Word Crossword - ESL worksheets
    Election Word Crossword
    By spinneyha
    crossword puzzle of 18 election related words and accompanying sentence completion exercise using the words
  • News Around the World - ESL worksheets
    News Around the World
    By Anabfuly16
    Hello, friends! This is a reading comprehension exercise. I took the texts from www.newsinlevels.com, which is a very interesting website...
  • Cardinals Pick Bergoglio - ESL worksheets
    Cardinals Pick Bergoglio
    By ivanmontani
    This is an extract from a newspaper article about our new Pope. Students are supposed to put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense...
  • Phrasal Verbs about The News - ESL worksheets
    Phrasal Verbs about The News
    By Spinney
    Yet another FCE to CAE prep for ´phrasal verbs, this time on the subject of the news. The usual mix-and-match, gap-fill, story with debat...
  • Can you match the signs to the words? - ESL worksheets
    Can you match the signs to the words?
    By Mallingua
    A collection of 12 words for students to match to the pictures of everyday signs on the worksheet, such as lifts, CCTV camera, hospital e...
  • Speed Reading & Comprehension - ESL worksheets
    Speed Reading & Comprehension
    By KhunWilden
    This activity will determine students reading level while improving the speed at which they read. Tips: 1. Students should read to t...
  • Crossword - News and Media - ESL worksheets
    Crossword - News and Media
    By alyssaca
    Here\'s a crossword about news and media 1 national news 2 audience 3 current 4 journalist 5 commercial 6 advertisement 7 go...
  • Picture Analysis - ESL worksheets
    Picture Analysis
    By Viennie
    This worksheet allows the students to think independently just by using pictures and guide questions. This topic is focused on current ev...
  • WH questions  - ESL worksheets
    WH questions
    By poisonivy228
    A good way to practice WH questions with your students. Give them this worksheet and urge them to write a layout for their own news, answ...
  • Making a layout of a newspaper  - ESL worksheets
    Making a layout of a newspaper
    By poisonivy228
    Students are going to create a layout of their own newspaper (I did this task in small groups of 4-5 students). Their task is to come...
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