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  • Cardinals Pick Bergoglio - ESL worksheets
    Cardinals Pick Bergoglio
    By ivanmontani
    This is an extract from a newspaper article about our new Pope. Students are supposed to put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense...
  • Tenses for Talking About the News - ESL worksheets
    Tenses for Talking About the News
    By HotTakeEnglish
    In this advanced-level worksheet, students practice their knowledge of English narrative tenses. They will do this by reading a news arti...
  • Talking about the News in English - Hot Take English - ESL worksheets
    Talking about the News in English - Hot Take English
    By HotTakeEnglish
    In this worksheet students learn phrases for expressing opinions about the news and politics. The worksheet involves a gap-fill exerci...
  • Crossword - News and Media - ESL worksheets
    Crossword - News and Media
    By alyssaca
    Here\'s a crossword about news and media 1 national news 2 audience 3 current 4 journalist 5 commercial 6 advertisement 7 go...
  • Short News: Man sets fire to apartment trying to kill a spider - ESL worksheets
    Short News: Man sets fire to apartment trying to...
    By zailda
    Funny short news, part of my project with B1 students. They read the news, answer the comprehension questions and then they search the me...
  • Homophones in the Headlines - ESL worksheets
    Homophones in the Headlines
    By HotTakeEnglish
    In this fun worksheet students have to guess the homophone based on a 'crossword clue'. They then look at newspaper headlines and guess t...
  • A2 general gap-fill exercise  - ESL worksheets
    A2 general gap-fill exercise
    By ted008
    This exercise is for students at A2 level. It tests their general level of vocabulary and reading comprehension. The worksheet may also b...
  • Easy News Stories - ESL worksheets
    Easy News Stories
    By krahslucas
    Build students' confidence by exposing them to easy-to-read, entertaining, and real news stories. Preparations: 1. Update or find s...
  • A2 Penguins Article - ESL worksheets
    A2 Penguins Article
    By SugarTP
    ARTICLE IS FROM BREAKING NEWS ENGLISH. Only some exercises are not from the site. This worksheet is uploaded to help my students downl...
  • New Vocabulary Words Template - ESL worksheets
    New Vocabulary Words Template
    By MissJenESL
    A worksheet where students can write down new words they've learned and define them. Good for students to keep track of new words and rem...
  • The Advent of Technology And Its Impact on Real Estate - ESL worksheets
    The Advent of Technology And Its Impact on Real Estate
    By DealandDeals
    The modern equipment and new research have helped engineers to plan and develop real estate projects with efficiency. Any error in design...
  • News story- Melbourne Earthquake - ESL worksheets
    News story- Melbourne Earthquake
    By LukeM74
    This is a simplified new story on the earthquake in Melbourne in 2021. Students read the story demonstrate an understanding of the story ...
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