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  • You Gotta be - Des´ree - ESL worksheets
    You Gotta be - Des´ree
    By carolinasfranca
    It´s a song activity to review comparative and superlative as well as new words. The first exercise is to try to order the endings bef...
  • Personality Test - ESL worksheets
    Personality Test
    By Avanlan
    A case study test where students choose which description fits their personality best. Includes a list of synonyms for each character tra...
  • Personality; Talking about a person - ESL worksheets
    Personality; Talking about a person
    By hlaing
    This boardgame is called a 2-dice Personality Boardgame. It is ready-made and useful for those who want to enrich their vocabulary about ...
  • Personality word cards  - ESL worksheets
    Personality word cards
    By lorrainewp
    Personality adjective word cards to arrange and sort in different ways. E.g. divide them into positive / negative then try and make pairs...
  • Myth of Pygmalion - Reading Comprehension Past Tense - ESL worksheets
    Myth of Pygmalion - Reading Comprehension Past Tense
    By gulceyetimoglu
    This worksheet consists of a text of the famous mythological story of Pygmalion and 5 questions to answer with your own opinions. Simple ...
  • names and adjectives-2 - ESL worksheets
    names and adjectives-2
    By kasimtuncer
    visual materials: Male and female names with adjectives describing personality, character, feelings, mood; adjectives with suffixes -ed /...
  • Talking about emotions - ESL worksheets
    Talking about emotions
    By gogetglobal
    How to embrace emotions at work? Based on Ted talk by Liz Fosslien, How to embrace emotions at work, ted.com Business English Lesso...
  • Guess Who / What Am I? Powerpoint  - ESL worksheets
    Guess Who / What Am I? Powerpoint
    By lottetickner
    My first Grade students have started learning how to conjugate a few simple verbs so I created a game of Guess Who/What Am I using a powe...
  • Animal Crossing Personality Test: My Morning - ESL worksheets
    Animal Crossing Personality Test: My Morning
    By connorrmdm
    Use this fun Animal Crossing themed personality quiz to review a number of questions about the morning. After reviewing the questions ...
  • What does it like? - ESL worksheets
    What does it like?
    By LiBra7
    Kids learn how to say the verb "like" with other verbs. For examples, Marti the Zebra likes dancing, but doesn't like swimming. It is a f...
  • Guy Fawkes - ESL worksheets
    Guy Fawkes
    By Elsbieta1989
    A text related worksheet. Students learn about the 5th of November with different activities such as a quiz, writing sentences, right or ...
  • Let me introduce myself - ESL worksheets
    Let me introduce myself
    By AlinaSS1406
    You my use this worksheet with students when they learn how to introduce themselves, how to describe appearance. When they fill the gaps...
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