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  • Design your own calendar 2018 - ESL worksheets
    Design your own calendar 2018
    By Kcrosby08
    For teaching months and dates - a blank calendar with space to fill in the numbers, months and to draw a picture associated with that mon...
  • flashcards- teaching seasons, months, parts of the day  - ESL worksheets
    flashcards- teaching seasons, months, parts of the...
    By readytospeak
    This pack of flash cards is designed to teach the young learners about time period of a year and its division into seasons, months and da...
  • Pair work - Seasons - ESL worksheets
    Pair work - Seasons
    By silvialefevre
    The students have to write 5 sentences for each picture. Then they swap their sheet with the sheet of a partner and answer the questions...
  • New Vocabulary Words Template - ESL worksheets
    New Vocabulary Words Template
    By MissJenESL
    A worksheet where students can write down new words they've learned and define them. Good for students to keep track of new words and rem...
  • sort the seasons - ESL worksheets
    sort the seasons
    By mariannest
    Cut out the sentences and put it in a cup. Have the students pick one and read it. Then he puts them to the right season. (have a season-...
  • Close to you - ESL worksheets
    Close to you
    By naingoo324567
    This worksheet has some useful phrases and words. It is good to practice listening skills. It can also get reading comprehension. This is...
  • Seasons Poster - ESL worksheets
    Seasons Poster
    By l542912
    This can be used as a poster, to familiarize the students with the students. Or it could be a warmer/cooler activity or in a practice act...
  • The Year - ESL worksheets
    The Year
    By silvialefevre
    This worksheet is meant for young learners . They have to complete a text about seasons, months, weeks, days and hours. If you want to p...
  • Days- Months- Seasons - ESL worksheets
    Days- Months- Seasons
    By mechimech
    this is a worksheet to exercise days of the week, months of the year, seasons with questions and gap filling. it can be use as a Test or ...
  • Japanese New Year - ESL worksheets
    Japanese New Year
    By LornaJapan
    This warm-up "find someone who" activity is designed to help Japanese students of any level talk about their winter vacation with appropr...
  • Winter idioms and expressions in songs worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Winter idioms and expressions in songs worksheet
    By Bearla
    Learners complete the worksheet by listening to the songs and filling in the gaps/checking their answers. 12 songs are featured in the...
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Reading Comprehension Worksheet
    By MissJenESL
    Worksheet that students can fill out after reading a story or passage. Students can give their review of the reading, show understanding ...
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