English ESL Socializing, small talk worksheets - Most downloaded (139 Results)

  • English One book one  - ESL worksheets
    English One book one
    By ivanm527
    This book has been created as a way to help speaking Spanish speakers to learn English. Therefore students can fill this book so they can...
  • Boardgame_Introductions & socializing for beginners  - ESL worksheets
    Boardgame_Introductions & socializing for beginners
    By muchahorta
    This boardgame is a speaking activity for beginner students who meet for the first time and get to know each other. They have to talk an...
  • My Facebook Profile Worksheet - ESL worksheets
    My Facebook Profile Worksheet
    By angryburgr
    This fill-in-the-blanks mock Facebook profile is intended for beginner level high school students. It can be used in an introduction clas...
  • Past Simple vs Past Perfect - ESL worksheets
    Past Simple vs Past Perfect
    By satie
    The objective of this worksheet is to practice Past Simple and Present Perfect by completing questions and then using them actively to in...
  • Will & Be Going to Review + KEY + B&W (Dork Diaries Theme) - ESL worksheets
    Will & Be Going to Review + KEY + B&W (Dork Diaries...
    By kifissia
    Review of the correct usage of will and going to. The sentences are based on The Dork Diaries. 4 pages in total: full color, black and wh...
  • Rich kids: speaking, reading and vocabulary - ESL worksheets
    Rich kids: speaking, reading and vocabulary
    By Renesans
    The handout is about rich kids on Instagram, showing off their fortunes. There are underlined new words, one exercise on vocabulary and o...
  • Adjectives - How Are You? - ESL worksheets
    Adjectives - How Are You?
    By TheTrends
    A sheet for students to read, and then put into practice. Great warm up speaking activity. Teaching students to say how they feel with th...
  • Greetings & Introductions - video activities - ESL worksheets
    Greetings & Introductions - video activities
    By supercicile
    Listening exercises (using videos) to learn different ways of greeting and introducing someone. Can be done individually, in small grou...
  • First Day Ice Breaker Bingo - ESL worksheets
    First Day Ice Breaker Bingo
    By shaylyngibson
    A great activity for first lessons. Students must go around the room to find people who match each square (squares include things like "...
  • Food and Drink - Restaurant Menu - ESL worksheets
    Food and Drink - Restaurant Menu
    By TheTrends
    Get students speaking with this fun menu from the "Sherlock Holmes Restaurant". Lots of role playing. Good for confidence building when o...
  • World Water Day - ESL worksheets
    World Water Day
    By dogafeltham
    This is a reading about World Water Day suitable for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate students. It consists; 1. Warm up questions 2. Prepa...
  • Suggestions, offers, invitations - shall we, wuld you like, let's, ... - ESL worksheets
    Suggestions, offers, invitations - shall we, wuld...
    By panikinga
    I prepared the worksheet to introduce making suggestions, offers and invitations to my students. Many suggestions are connected with Pari...
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