English ESL Success worksheets - Most downloaded (25 Results)

  • Reading: Charlie Chaplin - ESL worksheets
    Reading: Charlie Chaplin
    By tantana
    This is a reading comprehension worksheet. Students fill in the gaps in the text with the verbs in the present simple tense (regular and ...
  • Reading: Story of Colonel Sanders (KFC) - ESL worksheets
    Reading: Story of Colonel Sanders (KFC)
    By viker173
    I made an inspirational reading worksheet for Grades 5 - 8, to inspire my students not only to improve their reading comprehension but to...
  • Salvador Dali - ESL worksheets
    Salvador Dali
    By tantana
    This worksheet consists of the text and three exercises. Students read the text, choose the correct answers, fill in the gaps with the pa...
  • Reading: Teen Stress - ESL worksheets
    Reading: Teen Stress
    By VaniBertHo
    Reading and writing designed for today teenagers who take up too many activities. Use of English and phrasal verbs to expand their vocabu...
  • Business & Success - ESL worksheets
    Business & Success
    By zhilinanna
    Your students can read this text about Levi Strauss and his business and do a multiple choice test. The test shows you how students know ...
  • Business reading comprehension activities - ESL worksheets
    Business reading comprehension activities
    By anzamu
    This is a reading comprehension activity based on a busines-related article. Students should develop different reading tasks, applying a ...
  • English One book one  - ESL worksheets
    English One book one
    By ivanm527
    This book has been created as a way to help speaking Spanish speakers to learn English. Therefore students can fill this book so they can...
  • Business dilemmas - speaking prompts - ESL worksheets
    Business dilemmas - speaking prompts
    By hahahablessyoursoul
    Speaking activity based on real life situations for adult students from intermediate level up. Problems presented in this exercise can be...
  • Conversation and reading practice - on-line shopping - ESL worksheets
    Conversation and reading practice - on-line shopping
    By dbmdbm
    A reading and conversation worksheet, providing new vocabulary with a vocabulary checker, allowing learners to practice conversation talk...
  • Idioms and phrasal related to learning - ESL worksheets
    Idioms and phrasal related to learning
    By RaquelSalgo
    Worksheet on phrasal verbs and idioms related to learning experiences and habits. Made accordig to the content of New Total English Inter...
  • Values tree - ESL worksheets
    Values tree
    By lorenaospino
    This is a worksheet for beginners to know some personal and social values. The teacher prints, makes copies and cuts a tree for every ...
  • Ask me a question activity part 4 (teaching students how to build a... - ESL worksheets
    Ask me a question activity part 4 (teaching...
    By Jewls19
    The fourth variant of the task that helps me challenge my students to ask questions. The task is to find out some information about the p...
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