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  • War in Ukraine - ESL worksheets
    War in Ukraine
    By julia504
    Find out about the war in Ukraine. Learn the vocab and then watch the video: https:// www. youtube. com/ watch? v= 6 f ZHI 4 r Yk D ...
  • On the road in the USA - ESL worksheets
    On the road in the USA
    By nathalielecat
    Here is a worksheet of vocabulary about places to see in the USA. It can be used as a matching exercise while working on road trips. Very...
  • New Vocabulary Words Template - ESL worksheets
    New Vocabulary Words Template
    By MissJenESL
    A worksheet where students can write down new words they've learned and define them. Good for students to keep track of new words and rem...
  • Review and Consolidation ~ Travellers and Tourists + Future - ESL worksheets
    Review and Consolidation ~ Travellers and Tourists...
    By willwisher
    A worksheet about travellers and tourists. It aims at recycling vocabulary associated with tourism and holidays and practising the use of...
  • The Devil's bridge in Kromlau Park  - ESL worksheets
    The Devil's bridge in Kromlau Park
    By Noemi_Trave
    A reading comprehension activity on an article about the Devil's bridge in Kromlau Park, in Germany. It is a unique site because of its a...
  • Worksheet based on the video "Peppa Pig goes to London" - ESL worksheets
    Worksheet based on the video "Peppa Pig goes to...
    By AnastasiaKvr
    The worksheet designed for Pre-Intermediate students. The first part includes listening for the gist. In the second part students watch t...
  • Spain Fun Facts | Spanish Culture - ESL worksheets
    Spain Fun Facts | Spanish Culture
    By PocketPassport
    Learn all about Spain, the history of Spain, and Spanish culture. A great resource for teaching cross-cultural awareness, talking about t...
  • Trip to London - ESL worksheets
    Trip to London
    By nopeco
    This activity focuses on how to organise a trip to London by researching some information and answering a set of questions. In addition, ...
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheet - ESL worksheets
    Reading Comprehension Worksheet
    By MissJenESL
    Worksheet that students can fill out after reading a story or passage. Students can give their review of the reading, show understanding ...
  • Prepositions with vehicles - ESL worksheets
    Prepositions with vehicles
    By LiBra7
    Students will learn which preposition they need to use with the means of transport. It can be useful in oral and written speech, as for m...
  • Islands for sale - ESL worksheets
    Islands for sale
    By guyane
    Worksheet with questions concerning islands for sale on https://www.privateislandsonline.com/, with global and detailed comprehension, as...
  • Pre-teaching vocab Inside Out p. 69 - ESL worksheets
    Pre-teaching vocab Inside Out p. 69
    By mirtmiro
    This was a short text set as homework. The text did prove challenging for them. It contains words like: trawling nets, canopy (of trees),...
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