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iSLCollective is a platform where you can upload and share your home-made ESL materials. For the sake of convenience, we will call all such materials "worksheets" on this site.

We are glad if you upload:
icebreakers and warmers, lesson plans, lyrics with listening exercises, grammar drills and grammar guides, picture dictionaries and other vocabulary lists, role plays and other speaking activities, tests and quizzes, reading comprehension tasks, writing prompts, conversation questions, etc.

Things you must not upload
In order to economize on our resources, you are not allowed to upload the following:
  1. Text copied from the web or books with no ESL task included.
  2. Pages or images scanned from English teaching coursebooks or resource books (except if you're the author of the book).
  3. Black&white versions of your worksheets separately from the color version. Instead, upload both versions in a single document.
  4. Single cliparts or flashcards. Please submit a set of flashcards (with at least 10 items in a set) that belong to some common theme. Also, include the English names of the pictures in your ws. (Please make sure you are authorized to use the cliparts you're using.)
  5. Coloring pages, labyrinths and other general, non-ESL materials for occupying young children.
  6. You may not upload or share resources concerning current major conflicts of the world because in our view it is not right to transform the ongoing suffering of people into language learning tasks.

Don't break up your worksheet into many worksheets, only if absolutely necessary (e.g. you are making one new worksheet in a series time after time, or you have too many pictures and you cannot fit into the upload size limit even if you shrink your images. Please always make an effort to upload in a single worksheet things that can be in a single worksheet.

AND PLEASE NEVER EVER UPLOAD SOMETHING THAT YOU DID NOT CREATE YOURSELF. That's the biggest no-no on this website. iSLCollective was created to give you the opportunity to share your own work with others so that your self-made worksheets could become useful beyond your own classroom. Please do not upload copyrighted material from either big or small publishing houses or other ESL websites. If we are notified by our users of such materials, we will remove them right away and the uploader will be given a notice. Users who post copyrighted material for the second time will be removed from the website. If you are the copyright holder of a work that's been published elsewhere, and you wish to upload it here, please indicate it in the description of your worksheet to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Have fun sharing your home-made worksheets!