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The American Thanksgiving Story (English subtitles)

Tomas79 November 19, 2017


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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Answer the questions related to this beautiful and highly educational video. Questions are multiple match, multiple choice etc.
Scene summary:
An educational video lesson on Thanksgiving, its history and present. Meant to be used with students whose level is B1 at least.
Video length: 6 minutes 32 seconds
Video genre: Edu video or lecture, (e.g. amateur educational video, TedEd, TED talk)
Lesson type: Asking about the visuals ("What can/could you see?")
Student types:
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives License
First published: 2017-11-19, 10:26:26 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) What did the Pilgrims want?

  • They wanted to go to America.
  • They wanted to reform and purify England's churches.
  • They wanted to have their own religious holiday.
  • They wanted to build their own churches.

2) Where did the Pilgrims go first?

Put the words in order: They Netherlands religious sailed as known the Holland seeking to freedom. also

3) Who did they persuade to finance their journey to the New World?

Fill the gap: They persuaded ________________________ to finance their journey to the New World.

4) Match the halves:

Match the items:
Their ship was calledon board.
They sailed in September 1620the Mayflower.
There were 102 passengersfrom Plymouth, England.

5) How many people died on the journey to America?

  • One hundred people
  • Ten people
  • One person

6) Which of the following is NOT a synonym of the word BROOK?

  • stream
  • lake
  • creek
  • small river

7) How many people did not survive their first winter?

Fill the gap: Nearly ________________________ original group died.

8) Did the Native Americans attack the colonists?

  • No, they didn't.
  • Yes, they did.

9) What was the name of the man who made contact with the Pilgrims?

Fill the gap: He was called ________________________

10) What was the name of the indigenous person who helped them very much?

Fill the gap: His name was ________________________

11) Put in order.

Put the words in order: to a of God. proclaimed Bradford day Governor Pilgrim The William thanksgiving

12) How did the governor react to the drought?

  • He ordered to steal water from the natives.
  • He thought about digging more wells.
  • He ordered a day of fasting and prayer.
  • He thought about returning to Europe.

13) When is the current Thanksgiving Day held?

  • On the first Monday of November.
  • On November 23.
  • On the fourth Thursday of November.
  • On November 29.

14) After Thanksgiving Americans...

Match the items:
watcha 4-5 day vacation.
travelfootball matches, TV programs and a parade.
havebuying Christmas presents.
starta lot.

15) What do Americans NOT eat on Thanksgiving Day?

  • turkey
  • stuffing
  • mashed potatoes with gravy
  • sweet potatoes
  • cranberry sauce
  • sweet corn
  • pumpkin pie
  • soul cakes

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2017-11-19 17:31:49
Thank You so much!
2017-11-20 10:57:55
Thanks a lot !
2017-11-20 12:33:17
It's amazing. Thanks so much!
2017-11-20 17:11:27
What an extraordinary activity. I'm thankful for having found it on these special festivities.Blessings, Marie :)
2017-11-20 17:11:29
What an extraordinary activity. I'm thankful for having found it on these special festivities.Blessings, Marie :)
2017-11-20 17:11:31
What an extraordinary activity. I'm thankful for having found it on these special festivities.Blessings, Marie :)
2017-11-21 00:03:57
Thanks a lot! I loved the activities right on the video! I bet y students will love it!
2017-11-21 17:11:16
It is great!! Thank you!!
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