Comparatives and superlatives

Quiquelele March 01, 2018


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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Learn about comparatives and superlatives. Their forms and some examples: good - better - the best, tall - taller - the tallest.
Scene summary:
The English Bug Teacher will show you some examples of the comparative and superlative form.
Video length: 4 minutes 16 seconds
Video genre: Edu video or lecture, (e.g. amateur educational video, TedEd, TED talk)
Lesson type: Grammar practice
Student types:
Communicative function: how to describe things or people in English
Copyright license: iSLCollective Copyright License
First published: 2018-03-01, 12:30:14 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) How are his arms?

  • His right arm is strongest than the left arm
  • His left arm is stronger than the right arm
  • His right arm is stronger than the left arm.

2) How is his left arm?

Fill the gap: His left arm is ________________________ than the right one

3) How is the first knife?

Put the words in order: than This knife the other one sharper is

4) Comparative form

Fill the gap: Short adjective + er + ________________________

5) How is the red shirt?

Fill the gap: The red shirt is ________________________ than the other one

6) How is her hat?

  • Her hat is fancyer than his hat
  • Her hat is more fancy than his hat
  • Her hat is fancier than his hat

7) Comparative form (long adjective)

Fill the gap: More + long adjective + ________________________

8) Superlative of difficult

Put the words in order: juggling balls. difficult more Juggling books than is

9) Use the superlative form (short adj)

Fill the gap: Blue cheese is the ________________________ (stinky)

10) Superlative (short adjective)

Fill the gap: The + adjective + ________________________

11) Superlative of bad

Fill the gap: Bad - worse - the ________________________

12) Superlative of good

Fill the gap: Good - better - the ________________________

13) How is your teacher?

  • Your teacher is annoyinger
  • Your teacher is the most annoying
  • Your teacher is the annoyingest

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