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Dead poets society

TatianaSkyeng February 12, 2018


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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Lexics, unscrambling questions, multiple choice, grammar, word order, listening comprehension, listening for gist.
Scene summary:
Dead Poets Society is a 1989 American drama film directed by Peter Weir, written by Tom Schulman, and starring Robin Williams. Set in 1959 at the fictional elite conservative Vermont boarding school Welton Academy,[4] it tells the story of an English teacher who inspires his students through his teaching of poetry.

The film received critical acclaim and was a box office success. It won the BAFTA Award for Best Film,[5] and César Award and David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Film. Schulman received an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his work.
Video length: 2 minutes 40 seconds
Video genre: Film trailer
Lesson type: Asking about the visuals ("What can/could you see?")
Student types:
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution License
First published: 2018-02-12, 05:54:10 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) What are the four principles?

  • Tradition
  • Experience
  • Excellence
  • Honour
  • Trade
  • Discipline
  • Disrespect


Put the words in order: An and achievement, institution to conformity. virtue dedicated

3) The boy's answer about the purpose of developing languages was ...

  • to regulate.
  • to communicate.
  • to feel.
  • to inform.

4) Who is the main protagonist played by?

  • Tom Hanks
  • Robin Willams
  • Russell Crowe

5) What is NOT about the protagonist? (More than one right answer)

  • A teacher.
  • A professor.
  • A philosopher.
  • An orator.
  • A psychologist.
  • The founder of Dead Poets Society


Put the words in order: dead who of sucking the poets to out The dedicated marrow life.

7) The aims of the society are ... (More than one right answer)

  • to hide.
  • to seek.
  • to strike.
  • to strive.
  • to fill.
  • to find.


Put the words in order: I have heard about teaching your classroom. methods some in unorthodox


Put the words in order: English, John by began he Now he teaching Kidding, life. changing is

10) The administration was ... about the society.

  • happy
  • proud
  • unhappy
  • sure

11) In his opinion, what is our life for?

  • Medicine.
  • Technology.
  • Education.
  • Poetry.


Put the words in order: the lives made inspiration that He was extraordinary. their

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