Masha and the Bear: A camera

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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
You are to choose the right preposition, sometimes the right article, the Present Simple, the Present Continuous and the Past Simple
Scene summary:
Masha has found a camera and starts shooting all the animals, the pictures are nice but the bees take revenge on her
Video length: 7 minutes 17 seconds
Video genre: Cartoon / tale for kids (e.g. Tom & Jerry, Simon's cat, Peppa Pig, Mr. Bean)
Lesson type: Grammar practice
Student types:
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First published: 2019-01-11, 18:16:44 (GMT+1)

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Video quiz questions (printable)

1) Choose the right option

  • Masha is play guitar
  • Masha is playing the guitar
  • Masha is play the guitar

2) Choose the right variant

  • Masha looking sad
  • Masha is look sad
  • Masha looks sad


Fill the gap: We ________________________ a big hole now in the middle of the dress. (to see)

4) Point to the shadow

5) Bear is

  • happy
  • disappointed
  • hungry


Fill the gap: Masha ________________________ a lesson now. (to have)

7) Choose the right option

  • Bear is in home.
  • Bear is at home
  • Bear is around home
  • Bear at the home

8) The box is .... the edge of the table.

  • under
  • above
  • next to

9) Choose the right option.

  • There isn't any glasses in the box.
  • there aren't any glass in the box.
  • There aren't some glasses in the box.
  • There aren't any glasses in box.
  • There aren't any glasses in the box.

10) Bear is looking ..... his glasses.

  • for
  • in
  • on
  • by


Fill the gap: This ________________________ my fault, that ________________________ my fault. (to be, not to be)


Fill the gap: They ________________________ nothing under the table a second ago. (to find)


Find the extra word: They didn't find no glasses.


Match the items:

15) Choose the right variant.

  • Masha is on front of the bookcase.
  • Masha's in front the bookcase.
  • Masha is in front of bookcase.
  • Masha is in front of the bookcase.


Put the words in order: chair bookcase. The opposite the is


Fill the gap: Masha ________________________ now that she ________________________ a camera. (to understand, to see)

18) The word COOL means

  • COLD
  • HOT
  • NEW
  • NICE


Fill the gap: She ________________________ a picture a second ago. (to take)


Fill the gap: Masha ________________________ at her photo now, she ________________________ strange. (to look, to look)

21) Give the three form of the verb TO HUNG

  • to humg -hing-hung
  • to hang-hung-hang
  • to hung-hung-hung
  • to hung-hang-hang
  • to hung-hong-hing

22) Choose the right option

  • There are some picture on the wall.
  • There is some pictures on the wall.
  • There're some pictures on the wall.
  • There're some pictures on wall
  • There are any pictures on the weall.


Match the items:
to hang - hung - hungполностью
to shoot - shot - shotсфотографировать
to forget - forgot-forgotвешать


Find the extra word: Bear is wearing a glasses now.


Fill the gap: He ________________________ down a second ago and a lot of things ________________________ (to fall, to break)

26) Bear .... a second ago.

  • became angry
  • becomes angry
  • is becoming angry


Fill the gap: Bear ________________________ his photo now. (not to like)

28) Misha is looking .... the dress now.

  • in
  • by
  • to
  • with
  • at

29) Make up the general question to the following sentence: Masha sees Bunny now.

Answer the question using your own words

30) Point to the benches

31) Point to the gate


Fill the gap: Bunny ________________________ to pick up his picture a second ago. (to forget)


Fill the gap: Bunny ________________________ and ________________________ Squirrel a second ago. (to hit, to hurt)


Put the words in order: shaking Bunny is now.

35) Choose the right preposition

  • The sun is in the sky.
  • The sun is in sky.
  • The sun is on the sky.
  • Sun is in the sky.
  • The sun is on the sky.

36) Point to the pillow.

37) Choose the right preposition: Masha isn't .. the street, she is ... the forest.

  • on, in
  • in,in
  • in,on
  • on,on

38) Give the 3 forms of the verb TO LIE

  • to lie - lied - lied
  • to lie-laid-laid
  • to lie-lay-lain


Fill the gap: ________________________ aren't eating now. (a wolf)

40) Point to the biggest bush in the picture.

41) There isn't Masha .... the picture.

  • on
  • in
  • under
  • of


Fill the gap: Masha ________________________ them a second ago. (to shoot)


Fill the gap: Masha ________________________ the picture on the plate, and it ________________________ here when she left. (to put, to lie)

44) Masha isn't learning a poem ... heart now.

  • in
  • on
  • at
  • with
  • by


Fill the gap: It ________________________ evening when Masha came home. (to be)

46) Point to the gate.


Match the items:
to sewвидеть
to shootиголка
a needleфотографировать
to seeшить


Find the extra word: The light is a bright in the street.


Fill the gap: He ________________________ what ________________________ now. ( not to understant, to happen)


Put the words in order: is dirty again. Masha

51) The animals are laughing ... Masha.

  • on
  • at
  • with
  • by

52) A lot of awful things happented ... Masha.

  • with
  • on
  • by
  • with
  • to


Match the items:
in the streetсмеяться над
to laugh atдома
to happen toна улице
in the pictureслучиться с кем-то
at homeна картинке

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