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Mr Bean Caring Bean

Drjennie March 13, 2018


"iSLCollective Interactive Video Quizzes are highly engaging and motivating multimodal texts for English language students to learn vocabulary and improve their listening skills. They are the perfect complement to the creative and innovative lesson plans on Film English."

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Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Mr. Bean accidentally injures Mrs. Wickett while playing with his toy car. Listening comprehension, vocabulary, prediction
Scene summary:
Mr. Bean accidentally injures Mrs. Wickett while playing with his toy car. Listening comprehension, vocabulary, prediction
Video length: 10 minutes 35 seconds
Video genre: Cartoon / tale for kids (e.g. Tom & Jerry, Simon's cat, Peppa Pig, Mr. Bean)
Lesson type: Deep listening comprehension - Meaning check ("Do you understand what it means?")
Student types:
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution License
First published: 2018-03-13, 12:02:23 (GMT+1)

About the author

Jennifer Cripps-Ludlum, PhD, CCC-SLP

Video quiz questions (printable)

1) Teddy is sitting in a

  • toy boat
  • toy car
  • laundry basket
  • book

2) Mrs. Wickett stepped on the car and is going to (select all)

  • break it
  • fall down
  • go for a ride
  • buy Bean a new one

3) Mrs. Wickett spilled all of her

  • cat food
  • toys
  • groceries
  • laundry

4) Where was the cat?

  • On top of Mrs. Wickett
  • Under Mrs. Wichett
  • In Mrs. Wickett
  • Around Mrs. Wickett

5) Mrs. Wickett is going to the

  • police station
  • doctor
  • nursing home
  • hospital

6) Do you think that Mr. Bean has found the remote for the tv?

  • yes
  • no

7) Mr. Bean found the controller for the

  • bed
  • tv
  • doctor
  • car

8) Mr. Bean's toy car is in the

  • closet
  • trash can
  • sofa
  • floor

9) Mr. Bean is getting ready to eat some

  • fish
  • hamburger
  • beans
  • sausage

10) Mr. Bean's food is

  • cooked
  • burnt
  • tasty

11) What is the problem?

  • Mr. Bean left the sink running
  • Mr. Bean lost his car
  • Mrs. Wickett is annoying
  • Mr. Bean is tired

12) Mr. Bean fell because the water made the floor

  • icy
  • cold
  • hot
  • slippery

13) Mr Bean made a pointing stick with a glove and a

  • mop
  • broom
  • candle
  • bell

14) Now Mr. Bean is trying to make

  • waffles
  • toast
  • beans
  • hamburgers

15) What made the bell ring?

  • Mrs. Wickett
  • Mr. Bean
  • the cat
  • the dog

16) Mr. Bean has his foot stuck in the

  • cat
  • trash can
  • bucket
  • sink

17) Mr. Bean has to answer the

  • door
  • phone
  • email

18) Mr. Bean has put Mrs. Wickett in the

  • bathroom
  • shed
  • bedroom
  • garage

19) Does Mrs. Wickett like it in the shed?

  • Yes
  • No

About the author

Jennifer Cripps-Ludlum, PhD, CCC-SLP


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